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Hades Grimaldi


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Nov 8 2017, 03:50 PM
5th Wintermarch 953
Grimaldi Mansion, Gravenreuth, Tevinter
Hades, Delilah
@Jax @Zyah

So a couple days after the announcement, Hades offers Delilah...lessons.

Hades walked towards the area of the Mansion that had been his sons and now belonged to Delilah. He liked what she had done with the wing. He could hear the giggles of his baby Grandson as he neared her private quaters and knocking he waited a moment, opened the door and leant against the doorframe.

Motherhood sat well with her it made her bloom and blossum and she was still so very very beautiful. He watched mother and son for a little bit before clearing his throat "Is my grandson being a good boy?" He gently asked as he stood straighter and walked over.

Hades made sure Delilah wanted for nothing, she never had to ask for anything of him more than once. Niether would his grandson, he would make sure of that.

"How are you?" he wanted to know. He had to keep away not just because of the deal making its changes on him, but also it would not have seemed right now though, now he wanted to be near her. "You have eveything you need?"

Oct 24 2017, 11:27 AM
Player Name: Jax

Character Name: Hades Grimaldi
Date of Birth: 3rd Bloomingtide 895
Gender: Male
Race: Other
Class: Mage


Hades is a tall and well built man who was at one point showing his age, Now he seems to have regressed in age instead of being a 62 year old man who looks 62, he looks like he is in his late 40s early 50s. He is six foot with a defined build and shoulder length black hair and green eyes. Hades has always been Handsome, now he is more then that.

Personality and History:

Hades has always been a strong willed indiviual and that strong will has seen him rise to a posistion of power previously unheard of in his family. The son of an Elven Mage and Human Magister and the oldest of five children, Hades has always had it drummed into him that to keep a viable blood line in his family there must always be Elf blood.

Hades from an early age when his magic manifested first as Force magic that threw his younger brother through the wall of thier Gravenreuth home, was marked as the one who would bing the Grimaldis to hieghts they had not yet achieved. His mother took his training under her own wing. From the time Hades was 5 until 18 his mother taught him eveything there was to teach him.

At somepoint in his teens he expressed an interest in Death Magic, the magic of the Necromancer, It was his Human Grandmother who took over that aspect of his training, and from the time he was 13 until 25 he was taught all he could learn about that, including legends and tomes from thier Nevarran bloodline.

Hades, as well as being taught his magic was also taught to be an excellant buisnessman, so much so that when he was in his mid twenties he was introduced to another elf blooded Human woman by the name of Persephone. Hades married her and they had three children, although as is the way with the Grimaldis, only three of them survived as the others they concieved were not magically giftd and thus were killed.

He is Father to Titus, Euryale and Lystrata, Lys was banished when she refused to tow the line with the family rules, with Titus life was difficult and to punish the boy he would lock him in a small room until he did as he was told. Something that was done to him by his father when he rebelled. He hoped it would make a man out of Titus and stop him from being such a mummys boy, it had the desired effect but it resulted in hatred between father and son.

Euryale is the only one of Hades Children that he is even remotley proud off and sees in her the future of the Grimaldi's, her and his Grandson Kratos. Hades has gone darker in recent years and it culminated in him not only ordering the death of his son Titus, but then having his sons killers executed. So far no one knows he ordered it. Hades has also been having an affair with his daughter-in-law Delilah and before Titus's death he made a deal with a desire demon. Now Hades has been given a portion of hsi youth back and more power to his magic, and he has agreed to let the Desire demon see life through his eyes as long as when he dies his soul belongs to the demon.

It was a deal worth making in Hades eyes.
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