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Erik Garcia


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Dec 21 2017, 11:31 AM
Player Name: Jax

Character Name: Erik Garcia
Date of Birth: 6th Bloomingtide 923
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Rogue


Dark Brown hair that was once long now shot and clipped and dark brown eyes to match with a deep olive complexion, Erik Garcia is every bit the image of a romantacised Pirate. The sort of Pirate that women swoon over in stories, the lovable Rogue. He is handsome, and stands at just under six feet he is a tall striking fella with a swordsmans build, although in truth he is a man best served with Daggers.

Personality and History:

A Charming loveable rogue is how people want to see the Rivaini born Son of a Whore and unknown Pirate Lord and perhapes once upon a time that was the case. But a year can change a man and a lot has certainly changed for the former Captain and Navigator of the Deamons Run.

After Barty died, Erik left the Demons Run to be with his then lover Zenda, to look after her, however that changed about three months into it. With the revelation that Erik had fathered a daughter from a previous relationship and the distance between him and the Windtalker got more and more aggrivated when eventually Erik found her in bed with another man. He beat the man to a pulp and Zenda simply walked away saying she no longer needed him. In a fit of rage Erik screamed at her that he knew who her father was and that he was a far better man who deserved a far better daughter.

Erik took to looking after his daughter Katarina and a couple of months after Zenda's departure The Kraken appeared along the low tide shioreline.

Erik boarded her and it was as if the ship called out to him and snared him in. Erik had been contemplating returning to the Demons Run as its Navigator but the legends of this vessel and the fact it seemed to call to his own inner darkness meant that Erik Garcia became the captain of The Kraken.

Erik spent the next year, with a crew as bloodthirsty as his new command it seemed prowling the waters between Antiva and Rivain. Bringing new life into the Legend that was The Kraken, hunting Oreasian fat merchant ships and, out of respect to the Demons Run, hunting Antivan Merchant, espeically those of the Merchant Princes, not to mention the odd Tevene Slaver ship which brought new crew aboard.

Erik is the master with the Dual Daggers, and wears them like two short swords at his belt. A Master Navigator and a feared Captain. He knows the fate of each captain that masters the Kraken through the ages, wealth beyound measure but a gruesome death when thier debt has been paid. He believes it is becasue the former captains after the first did not know how to handle her and being Rivani himself it seems the spirit of the first Captain is so far pleased with him. When Docked at an Island off the Antivan Coast Erik ran into the former member of the Ravager Laisa and, somehow, convinced her to join him. Now he is looking for two others that he knows he can trust. In the meantime All that matters now is that Erik has cemented his role within the Brotherhood and is eager to bring terror to the seas once more.

When the storm seasons set in Erik returns to Llomerryn and leaves his daughter in the care of his mother and the other whores who helped raise him When the seas are calmer he brings her along so that in time she may also learn the ways of the sea. After all it is in her blood as much as her fathers and her late mothers.
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