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Nadine Belmont


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Jan 28 2018, 08:18 AM
Player Name: Jax

Character Name: Nadine Belmont
Date of Birth: 15th Firstfall 927
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Class: Rogue


Nadine is a tall woman, 5'10 with dark ebony skin and bright blue eyes. She has a defined build, an archers build and when she is not using it in battle, she can be seen repairing it or training with it still.
Her hair is midnight black with blonde streaks along her fringe and at intermittent points in her hair. She is a beautiful woman but has a stern face that hides the fact that under the facade is a woman who cares deeply about her friends.

Personality and History:

Nadine came from Harnes Crossing along the Frostbacks in Fereldan, her mother was a seamstress and her father a member of the village watch. Growing up was carefree enough. she was a popular child and, according to the Chantry sisters who lived in the village full of energy and the exuberance that all children have.

When she was 9 her village was attacked by slavers, thier village sat along riverway that would lead out to the Waking Sea and for the first time the Raiders managed to navigate along the waterway to the small secluded fishing village.

Her father and his men and women were cut down before they could even draw thier bows or swords. The Raides swept through the small village, killing the old and hauling the young and the women off to thier boats. Nadines life was saved by a Chantry Sister who grabbed her and pulled her into a hidden section of the chantry and remained there for an undetermined amount of time. At some point the Sister. telling her to stay where she was went to see if the coast was clear, she never returned.

Nadine still waited and by now she was hungry and thirsty and wanted to find her mother. When she emerged from the hole she could only stare as she saw the burning buildings, the chantry folk dead including the sister who had helped her. She walked through the ghost village calling for her mother and father, her mother's body she discovered half in and half out of her burnt home.

Nadine was found a few hours later by a mercenary group who regularly traded with the tradesmen and hunters of Harnes Way. They fed her and looked after her and took her with them, intending to drop her at a Chantry, but instead she was adopted into the small band.

Nadine couldn't read or write so thier leader, an Elven archer took her under his wing and taught her how to read the forest. The skills of Tracking and once she had understood how to track and know what bounty the forests could give them for food or coin, did he start to teach her the bow.

As long as she could read her environment and know how to hunt her quarry then she didn't need to read or write. People had got by without it for thousands of years, no need to put such stock in it. When she was 22 her band was killed by a group of highwaymen they had been sent to capture. She took down half the group before they vanished. For the second time in her life Nadine had lost family and after setting the pyres for her loved ones she took her mentors bow and a few supplies and went hunting for the rest of the band.

It took her a few months but eventually she got them all, using what she knew and what she had been taught over the years and the cover of darkness. Taking the head of the leader she claimed the gold and headed for somewhere new.

Over the next few years she worked alone or with a small group briefly until she crossed into Nevarra and when she met Aerith everything changed again.
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