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Alias: Zyah
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Age: 26
Job: Madame of Azure Manor
Relationship Status: with Marius Falkenrath
Location: Tevinter
Joined: 3-October 17
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Joline Karalis


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Oct 4 2017, 10:42 PM
Player Name: Zyah

Character Name: Joline Karalis
Date of Birth: 14, Haring 927
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Class: Citizen

Height & Build :- 5'7, Shapely
Hair & Eyes :- Sable brown hair; blue-green eyes.

Personality and History:

If one was to meet her, Joline would easily be mistaken for a true noble woman. The former courtesan carries herself with grace and poise, and her beauty is undeniable. Her facial structure is lined perfectly, emphasized by her flawless complexion. Joline's slender shape is usually clothed in fine fabrics, both fashionable and alluring in design. And she is always lightly scented in her custom made perfume.

The persona Joline usually projects ties in well with her outward appearance. Joline is a lady, despite her position as a courtesan. She is excellent at reading people and adapting to meet their desires. Though she is not shy, Joline is soft spoken and only provides her opinions when asked.

Joline's familiarity with nobility is no coincidence. Her mother was the mistress of a prominent magister, the same man being Joline's sire. Though she was never acknowledge as his child, Joline and her mother were well provided for. Joline was given a proper educated and introduced to the finer things in life by her mother. Little did she know she was being groomed. Nor did she know her mother was once a courtesan before meeting her 'father'.

That was until her thirteenth year. Joline's mother indicated to her they 'were on their own' due to circumstances she did not want to discuss. Her mother returned back to her life as a courtesan and she set Joline down the same path. Years later Joline was acquired by the Crystal Gardens, a brothel that catered to a more prominent clientele.

In 951 Joline received a missive stating she'd inherited a small fortune from one of her benefactors. Along with the small fortune Joline discovered she inherited an estate as well. After buying her freedom from the Crystal Gardens Joline decided to start over in Nevarra, a land where she had no ties, where no one would know her or even recognize her.

It was during her travel to Nevarra she met Marius Falkenrath and for the first time in her life became enamored. The dashing nobleman has become a regular fixture in her life and with each passing day they grow closer.

Joline resides near Churneau where she’s converted the estate she inherited into what is now known as Azure Manor, an exclusive and high-end brothel. As Madame, Joline has proven to be quite savvy and is also protective of her girls. The rules and terms she established in Azure Manor are non-negotiable and she has safeguards in place should they ever be broken.

With a new life ahead of her Joline looks forward to things to come.
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