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Oct 4 2017, 04:49 AM
Player Name: Jax

Character Name: Ardan
Date of Birth: [ 19th Kingsway 922
Gender: Male
Race: [Dqarf
Class: warrior


Ardan is tall for a dwarf, he stands 5'3 and is pure solid muscle. Tattoos cover his body, tribal designs and a couple that are particularly ghoulish that have been added since he joined the Legion. His black hair comes down to the mid of his back and is braided with Small Skulls. his beard sits around his mouth and comes down into two points also braided with small skulls. He wears armour on his legs, shoulders and hands but his upper arms and chest are bare. His armour has the symbol of the Legion engraved in it, a final gift from his mother.

Face Claim Jason Momoa

Personality and History:

Ardan is the eldest of three Children. Dwarves find it hard to conceive Children but his parents managed it. Albeit Ardan was ten when his brother was born and 15 when his sister was born. Ardans parents were smith caste but Ardan showed an aptitude for weapons and thus was taken under the wing of his mothers cousin who was Warrior caste.

Since he was old enough to walk, his cousin would teach him how to hold a sword, a wooden one at first until he was old enough to hold a real sword. When he was ten his cousin started to educate him more in the ways of the warrior, He showed no interest in reading or writing, and although his parents could read and write, Ardan was busy learning the symbols of the warriors of the Deep, so that he would always know when he was older where there was safe harbour.

When Ardan was 16 he entered the service of House Bemont and remained there honouring his family and ancestors with his duty, however when he was 25 his father was killed when he tried to kill a nephew of the lord of the house for trying to rape Ardans Cousin, Ardan would soon learn that the distance between nobily and commoner were vast no matter what the King said.

By right his family should have been exiled to the surface, but Ardan took his fathers "crime" on his shoulders and announced he would join the Legion of the Dead. The King accepted this and after the funeral, which he was given Arnour and a Halberd crafted by his mothers own hands, his name was entered into the Memories as Deceased, his family was restored to honour, but as a result his mother would never craft again and retired.

Ardan descended into the deep, no more ties to his family and joined the Legion where he has been for the last five years.
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