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Location: Highever, Ferelden
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Alias: Zyah
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Age: 32
Job: Templar
Relationship Status: Married to Innes Guthrie
Location: Free Marches
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Briana Talon


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Oct 4 2017, 10:55 PM
Player Name: Zyah

Character Name: Briana Talon
Date of Birth: 27 Guardian, 9:21
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Class: Warrior, Templar

Height: 5’8
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Green
Build: Athletic, tone.

Briana is a natural beauty who likes to keep her appearance simple. Other than being clean and groomed she sees no need to ‘pretty’ herself up. Her blonde hair she keeps styled short and layered giving it a windblown effect.

Physically fit and lean, Briana’s athletic build is a result of her vigorous training. Small scars can be found on several places on her body, as expected on a warrior. Her largest scar is across her right rib cage.

Personality and History:
Briana is a woman of strict discipline. Everything she does she takes pride in and strives to be the best at. She believes in structure and order. Honesty is a trait that Briana is known for. She will speak her mind and will not lie to preserve anyone's feelings, but is tactful when doing so.

Though friendly she is not one who goes out of her way to make friends. Her duty will always come first and it guides much of her decisions which leave little room for any kind of social relationship.

She is unwavering in her belief in Andraste. As a Templar she has sworn an oath to the Chantry and follows their decrees. Briana's belief is in what the Order was originally established to do. Not to persecute mages but to protect them as well as protect others from them. She does not hate mages or wish ill on them, but believes that they need to be watched in order to keep them safe from themselves and others.

Her hobbies include weapons training, reading old tomes (as she is a history lover), and any outdoor sport as she likes to be active.

Briana was raised in the Chantry since she was six years of age. Her parents died from illness that spread through her village leaving her and her older siblings orphans. Briana was always a serene child and rarely got into trouble. Not that she didn't get into mischief, she was just careful about not getting caught.

Throughout her childhood Briana was very studious, eager to learn and expand her knowledge on all things. She is not easily influenced and her choice to follow the Chant was one she did of her own free will. When she became of age she decided to join the Order of Templars. Briana is driven to do what she believes is right, and she felt the ideals of Templars being protectors suited her.

Her first station as a recruit was at the Gallows of Kirkwall in the Free Marches. The city became her home and she was witness to the turmoil and changes that befell the city after the Blight. The influx of refugees that came from Fereldens added to the growing tension in Kirkwall. Briana paid little mind to the prejudices that plagued the city and instead focused on her duty to keep mages safe and others safe from them. An increasingly difficult task considering more and more blood mages were surfacing.

When the Chantry was destroyed and battle ensued Briana ended up taking up arms against the First Enchanter and the Knight Commander, not in sympathy for the mages but because the Knight had gone insane. Her efforts in this epic battle did not go unnoticed and at the young age of sixteen, Briana was inducted into the Templars as a full knight.

Since then she spent many of her years moving up through the ranks; her performance proven to be exemplary. After helping rebuild Kirkwall she was transferred to other stations throughout Thedas. Her recent station has her placed in Ferelden.
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