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Kora Talios


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Oct 8 2017, 07:45 AM
Player Name: Jax

Character Name: Kora Talios
Date of Birth: 23rd Soloce 919
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Class: Warrior

Face Claim: Meghan Ory


Kora is 5'8, attractive yet stern of face and demeanour. Her long black hair is tied into a topknot that comes down into a long ponytail, her eyes are a brght grey colour, almost silver in thier intensity

Personality and History:

Kora was born somewhere along the Nevarra, Free Marches boarder, however she was left on the doorstep of the Wycomb Chantry, with nothing but a blanket covering her. Raised entirely within the Chantry meant that Kora grew up a devout Andrastian. Growing up with other foundlings like herself, a close bond formed between her and a small group of children. Astor, young boy about her age, Leara a shy young girl and Mathew, the slightly older and self styled protector of the group he was in. It was within this group that Kora learnt to stand up for herself, bloodying the nose of a bully who sought to find her a target.

Kora however, was devastated when her best friend Leara manifested as a mage when she was 7, electricity sparking from her fingers after being bullied and almost electrocuting the bully. The next day Leara was transferred to the Circle at Ostwick and it would be a long time before the two girls saw each other again. After that Kora dedicated herself to her studies, wanting to be a Templar, so that she could protect those like her friend, who would now, by dint of the Makers divine will live as a feared young woman because of her magic.

It was not however, the Templars that came calling, one of the mothers that had seen something within the young orphan, a Rivani mother by the name of Camilla Talios, who had taught the young girl how to read and write, recommended her for the Seekers. Honouring the Mother who had been like a mother to her, Kora took her name to carry with honour.

First, from the time she was 14 until she was 20, she was trained in the art of the Sword and Shield, her instructor continuously woke her at dawn where she would attend morning prayers, then continue her education, then her training, between all that and the physical fitness training she went through she developed a strong honed physique that did not detract from her attractiveness. She also specialised with the Sword and the Shield, dedication and persistence ensured that she honed her skills and was everything that was expected of her to be.

When she was 18 she was assigned to an older Seeker who would be her mentor for the next stage of her life, it would be Seeker Loray's task to evaluate Kora, under Loray's guidance and tuition Kora began to become the ideology of a Seeker, it was during the Mage Templar war that she would cross paths with not only Leara but both Matthew and Astor who were by now Templars, but Templars of differing Ideologies, Astor was a Traditionalist and Matthew, mad with what he had seen had turned to the Swords, in an ensuing fight with him, Kora killed him when he threatened to kill a family tending to Leara. A year later she underwent the Vigil. Fasting for a year, purifying her soul and her body and focusing on her already powerful devotion she became Tranquil, only to have that broken when the Spirit of the fade touched her mind. Shortly after that she was taught the complete history off the Seekers, including thier secrets good and bad. Kora is strong willed individual who utterly believes in her faith and The Maker. She has only ever had one relationship in her life and that was with a female Templar who died during the war.
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