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Marcellus Harrendrus II


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Oct 15 2017, 11:27 AM
Player Name: Victor

Character Name: Marcellus Harrendrus II
Date of Birth: 9:26 7nth of Drakonis
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Mage

Appearance: He would describe himself as tall dark and handsome. He got it partly right, if dark was referred to his black slightly curly hair. His skin is only slightly tanned as one from a land with lots of sun can be but one who have never worked outside. Other than that he is pretty skinny for someone of nobility, with magic as a form of exercise. Is usually seen wearing fancy robes in the Tevene style.

Personality and History:
As the first son of the Laetan Harrendrus family that could trace its way back to the glory days of the Imperium he have always been given the best schooling that his father could provide. this was of course extended to his sister Clodia who also had a gift for magic, their father Marcellus had great dreams about his children becoming great Magisters. Of course, when the second son came along and showed no magical talent their father was disappointed and then discarded the boy as . Something that the younger Marcellus would see as an excuse to pick on his brother ever chance he could get while they grew up. Of course this was also due to some jealousy since their mother doted on Victorius until she got a sickness that was not curable by any available means.

This made him into an individual with a very high sense of entitlement. That he was going to be a Magister was to him pretty much a birthright it then changed in 9:46 when an accident caused the death of his sister and the blame was cast on the other brother, especially after he left Tevinter. This of course saddened their father and made it possible for rivals to make an attack that cost the life of Marcellus Senior. So in a very short order Marcellus became the head of the Harrendrus family and owner of the estate. And this also should have given him a seat on the Magisterium as well but with his family's enemies still at work and his rather young age it was a case of the courts which were not known for their swiftness even without any challenges from other Magisters.

So in those years he have made a lot of effort to gain his seat, making alliances where he could and done many things to increase his power. An aptitude for the elemental school of magic have given him an edge in a straight forward duel but he have sharpened that edge by learning blood magic. In fact it started with his father who was himself well-versed in the art, teaching his children more than enough to get started. Even though blood magic is technically illegal in Tevinter Marcellus is not without his charms. And all the gold that was left intact in the inheritance will help when his charms is not enough.

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