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 Countries of Thedas, Basic Info
 Posted: Nov 16 2017, 09:45 AM
played by Momo
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Countries of Thedas

written by Mickle

The Anderfels

In this bleak, desolate landscape, centuries of Blight have so devastated expanses of the steppes that it is said that the corpses of the fallen never decay for no beast of insect survives there to feed on them.It is in this harsh, unforgiving land that the Anders call home. Ages spent fighting off the Darkspawn incursions has hardened the proud inhabitants of this poor, remote nation with a steel, unyielding spirit and a grim determination. Their priests are the most devout and their warriors among the most feared throughout Thedas.


Enjoying a warm north-eastern climate, Antiva is a nation of prodigious vineyards and good, easy-going living. It possess a respected noble lineage that can trace its roots back over millennia. Though officially it is a monarchy, in reality the Kings and Queens of Antiva have long been eclipsed by the true power of the bankers and affluent merchants of the nation, known as the Merchant Princes. Money controls power in Antiva and those that don’t respect that power may well find themselves visited by the Antivan Crows, a notorious and feared league of assassins known throughout Thedas.


Ferelden is a relatively temperate nation in the far southeast of Thedas populated by a barbarian, militaristic but proud culture that has only begun to civilize in the last few Ages.Still considered a backwater by many of the other nations on the continent. The Fereldens have made great strides in recent years. A strong and independent people. They resent being considered ‘primitive’ and proved to the world they are worthy of respect, after liberating themselves from under the yoke of Orlais and driving their occupiers to the far side of the frostbacks at the beginning of the Dragon Age. Now, united behind their king Alistair, Ferelden continues to grow into a power on the continent.

The Free Marches

The Free Marches is a collective name given to the group of wealthy city-states in the central part of the continent. Known as “Marchers”, its people are the independent descendents of the ancient Alamarri tribe. Its cities stand in a loose confederation that rarely unites unless one of its larger neighbours becomes too threatening. In such events the various Marcher hosts assembles into a unified front that even the greatest powers cannot ignore. Known as the breadbasket of Thedas, its rich farmlands along the shores of the Minater River provides much of the continents food.


Ambitious and wealthy, the Orlesian Empire is the single most powerful human nation in Thedas. Orlais has a large and complex aristocracy, famed for its culture, extravagance, fashion and military might. Orlais is also home to the Grand Cathedral, the beating heart of Andrasiandom in Thedas, it is from here, upon the sunburst throne the Divine’s influence stretches across the continent.


Originally one of the larger Free Marches city-states, Nevarra benefited from its position in the very heart of the continent and has aggressively expanded over the last two centuries, becoming a power to rival Orlais itself. It bested the Empire in the last age, and took control of the mineral rich blasted hills and in the process became one of the wealthiest nations in Thedas.It is with no small degree of pride that Nevarran’s can boast many legendary heroes in their past with names that are still venerated by the populace to this day. Statues and great artworks of these men and women are commonplace in Nevarran cities as are the grand, palatial necropoli that house the preserved remains of these renowned figures.


The Rivaini are unique among the humans of Thedas in regards to both their appearance and culture, They are olive-skinned or darker and often distinguish themselves further with intricate tattoos and various body piercings, with the more elaborate ones decoration, the higher one's social rank and standing. They are a free and uninhibited peoples who have developed a great sense of community throughout the ages. It is in these lush jungles that the Chant of light is heard the faintest, though most Rivani are wise enough to pay respect and lip-service to the Chantry.


Formerly an empire that encompassed the entirety of mainland Thedas, all that remains of that great nation is a decadent remnant , centered around around its capital Minrathous.This fabled city was once the jewel of the entire continent, now it is a mere shadow of its former self. Unlike the other nations of Thedas Tevinter is a magocracy and is governed by the infamous assembly of Magisters known as the Magisterium. Because of their debauchery and practice of slavery , tevinter is almost universally reviled by the rest of Thedas. Though it may seem in decline , the Imperium is still a powerful nation, with considerable military might.

For more in-depth information, see the Lorebook

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