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 Rajani Vetulus, High Priestess of Dumat
Rajani Vetulus
 Posted: Jan 8 2018, 04:16 PM
played by Zyah
35 years old. Magistra, High Priestess of Dumat. currently Single. from Tevinter.
Rajani Vetulus

Player Name: Zyah

Character Name: Rajani Vetulus
Date of Birth: 21 Justinian, 918
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Class: Mage
Allegiance to Primoris Incendia


Height: 5'8
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Grey Blue
Build: Slender, Svelte
FC: Margot Robbie

Personality and History:

Rajani believes as many Tevinter Magisters that those with magic are superior. She is extremely arrogant and only speaks when she feels it is relevant. Rajani would rather not waste her breath on those she believes are beneath her. Calculating and cunning, Rajani does not feel remorse for her actions. Her ruthless nature is well known among her peers and it is only a fool who would dare challenge her openly. Those who cross her always end up meeting some kind of foul circumstance if not their end.

The Magistra is not hesitant in using her magic; in fact she is quick to resort to it. But the full extent of her power she does not readily display for it is rooted in ancient magic that has long been forgotten but also forbidden. Rajani has the ability to tap directly into the Fade, a dangerous yet awesome power bestowed to her by the great God Dumat.

Despite her title as Magistra in the Imperium, her faith in the Old God Dumat comes first in her life. She is unwavering in her beliefs. Rajani is a driven leader and she easily enthralls those who meet her. Those who do not submit to her willingly will submit by force. She has no problem in doing what it takes to achieve her goals.

The Vetulus family has been comprised of mages since the first recordings of Tevinter history. More importantly they were not just mages but Magisters and powerful ones at that. Her family has governed Vyrantium since its existence, its main export fade touched minerals and herbs which is heavily prized throughout Tevinter and the world making Vyrantium a very wealthy province.

Since the young age of four she exhibited magic that was beyond her years. She never knew her mother as she died giving birth to Rajani. Her father, Creon Vetulus, took on the task to train his daughter so that she would follow in his footsteps. He taught her not of just powerful magic but also of the Old Gods, the true gods and most importantly of the god Dumat.

Rajani was accepted into the Temple of Dumat in at the young age of 12. Her father was a true follower of Dumat and with the abilities that Rajani exhibited the High Priest of the Temple believed that she would one day have the power and dominance to lead the Temple. She became his apprentice and her days and nights were dedicated into the studies of the old ways and of the Old Gods. For years she has practiced and perfected the magic that is granted only to those worthy of learning the Cleric magic of Dumat.

After the death of the High Priest, Rajani was given the prestigious title High Priestess of Dumat. She works tediously to bring about the greatness of the Old Gods who have not left Thedas as so many believe. Rajani along with her followers will find the Old Gods and save them from the corruption of the Taint. She will restore the old ways. Dumat along with the other gods will bring Thedas back under the control of the Magisters of Tevinter who were faithful.

Rajani has never married but she does have a son, Julius. The child’s father has never been made known though Julius was a planned conception to continue the Vetulus line. Since his birth Julius has been protected and taught the ways of the Dumat so that one day he would take her place not just as Magister to extend the Vetulus line but also as High Priest, a role he’d been destined for.
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