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Location: The Roads of Ferelden
Born: 19 January 1996
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Alias: Tuffronicus
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Callum Tillman


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Jun 10 2018, 01:27 AM
Player Name: Tuffronicus

Character Name: Callum Tillman
Date of Birth: 9:28
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Mage

Appearance: Callum has dark hair and dark eyes. Like most Fereldens, he has fair skin and burns quite easily anywhere the sun shines more confidently than within Ferelden’s borders. He’s not particularly tall, nor short, standing a 5’8”. This aspect carries throughout his body in other ways like his build. He isn’t overly muscular, but sports an athlete’s body, thanks to his wanderer lifestyle.

In order to hide from the discrimination of others, for being a mage, Callum wears relatively normal-looking clothes, a padded cloth armor. As for his other adornments, the man picks up what pieces he can and replaces them as they wear out. His staff is a very nondescript one. Easily it could be mistaken for a walking stick. To further hide his magical ability, he will walk with a fake limp; so that no one would raise much suspicion for his need to keep his walking ‘aid’ on him at all times.

Personality and History: Born to a very loving family, Callum was bound to live a childhood of happiness; however the fifth blight made this possible reality just a far-reached hope. He had just learned how to walk when his parents began to run. His parents were wealthier than most commonfolk of Ferelden. They were successful farmers who had a plot of fertile land. Using their finances to their advantage, the Tillmans were able to secure passage to the Free Marches and stayed there for the duration of the blight.

Callum’s father, Bryce, a veteran soldier was able to get a position on the city’s watch. His mother, Laura, eventually found herself in employed by a wealthy tailor, making alterations to clothing that his customers brought in. While neither were glamorous jobs, they allowed the Tillmans to rent an apartment in a relatively safe part of Kirkwall. Due to his parents’ diligence, Callum grew up rather well. Though it was not the idyllic farm life they wanted for their son, they were happy he was safe.

After the Qunari’s attempt to take over the city, The Tillman family decided it was best to return to Ferelden, despite their farmlands’ possible destruction. Having to uproot a second time, the Tillmans returned to their homeland, and their home. Though the land needed work, and the house much more, the family went forward with their decision, and took on their namesake once more.

However, it was in his old home where Callum’s magical abilities started to hint to their existence. This was also where he met Compassion. At first his parents were only concerned, but thought nothing much about their son’s night-terrors, but when they reoccurred night after night, they knew something was wrong. Unbeknownst to his parents, Callum was experiencing the fade in the way that Dreamers do. To the young mage it was as if he was there in the flesh, trapped the frightening environment. Every night he was hounded by demons who wished to enter the world through his body. Every night he screamed and fled from the monsters, until someone, or something saved him from it all.

A spirit of compassion heard the cries of a child, and came to his aid. She shooed the weaker demons away and watched over the young Dreamer during his times in the fade. With his night terrors no longer occurring, his parents were relieved, and continued on their agrarian lifestyle. Farm life wasn’t without it’s trials and tribulations. One such event occurred when Callum was just eight years old. The Tillmans’ plow horse broke its leg after running from a small, desperate pack of wolves. Bryce was able to scare the wolves off, but there was no way a horse could recover from such a wound. Right before his father was about to put the mare out of her misery, Callum stopped him.

“Father!” He cried. “My friend said I can help her.” He assured Bryce. The veteran looked on in a mix of awe, shock, and horror, as his son cooed to the downed mare. The boy hovered his hands over the equine’s leg, and in a gentle flash of blue-white light, the horse’s leg was healed and she stood again. Callum stood, proud that he was able to save his family’s horse. Though that pride wasn’t returned by his father, who looked as if he just lost a son.

Sad and confused, Callum was sent to the Circle Tower on Lake Calenhad. He didn’t quite understand why he had to leave his parents: he saved their horse, why should he be punished? Though the questions were quickly answered by the mages and templars who called the tower home. Suffice to say, the boy did not like the answers. He didn’t see himself as dangerous, and began to detest the templars for their policing of he and other mages.

With the ever watchful eyes of the motherly Compassion on him, the boy began to use his Dreamer abilities more and more, testing his limits with each time he slumbered. He found that he could interact with the dreams of those also asleep, though their experience was much more limited than his. With Compassion’s guidance he helped to make their sleep sound, and their dreams free of fright and pain.

In his short time at the circle, Callum honed his magical abilities, finding himself able to cast Primal spells. It was then when he began to see the Templars’ way of thinking. People like him should learn about what they can do in a safe place like the circle. Despite this, he desperately wanted to return home.

Despite the world outside the tower becoming turbulent and angry, the young Tillman was engrossed in his studies, as well as his experiments in The Fade. Compassion made sure the Dreamer’s path was a safe one, keeping the demons at bay as he traversed The Fade. Callum was able to meet more spirits, though found many of them to be hard to understand. Valor was obsessed with glory and battles. Knowledge was interesting to talk to, however was unable to contemplate on what he had learned. Compassion was the only spirit he really understood. Due to his alignment with her, Callum started training as a spirit healer.

During the chaos the Templars’ siege, Callum was coerced by several Libertarian mages to flee the circle. Together they entered the locked chambers below the tower, located their phylacteries, and destroyed them. Without a reliable way for the templars to track him, it was safe for the rebel mages to flee. Callum did not stay with them, instead he headed to the only place he had wanted to be for years: home.

He expected a warm welcome from his mother and father. The ones who worked so hard to keep him safe and happy during their time in Kirkwall. Laura who had held him close and sang to him while he thrashed and and screamed in his sleep. To Bryce who would scare off ruffians with just a grim look. Instead he happened upon the farm; overgrown and empty. He could not find his parents anywhere. What he did find however, was a shattered urn inside the house and a Bryce-sized skeleton in the stables.

Sorrow coursed through the mage as he carefully moved his father's bones into a bag. Unsure what to do with them, he laid Bryce's remains next to his mother's ashes. He spent nights in the rundown farmhouse, grieving for parents he could have probably saved. The nights he did sleep, Callum didn’t ‘walk’ the fade like he usually did. Compassion made sure he wouldn’t stray to bad places in his sadness. Though as time went on she began to feel his pain. Unsure of what to do for the human she cared deeply for, Compassion tried to speak to the remaining Tillman.

She explained that the fade had once grown thin in this very spot, how emotions once rose so high, so turbulent that she was able to observe. She was drawn by the cries of pain, perchance she could ease it. The watched the birth of a child, and could feel so much love and care coming from the parents. Compassion went on to tell Callum of when a young boy was plagued with pain and nightmares every night, how his parents would hold him and rock him, sacrificing their sleep so that he may wake up, or be eased out of his terrible dreams. She could feel just how much Bryce and Laura loved Callum, and touched by this she came to their son’s aid.

Her words of assurance were enough to draw the mage out of his depressed state. He knew that his parents loved him dearly. Why else would they have risked and sacrificed so much for him? The young mage lit his old home ablaze, a pyre for his parents. It wasn't pretty, but at least Bryce would get the funeral he should have had years ago. Callum decided it was best to move on both physically and emotionally from his past, so he carried on from the Tillman farmstead. With Compassion as his only companion, the young mage ventured from village to city, aiding every person who needed help along the way. Taking with him the good memories of the circle, and the many things he learned during his short stay. He may have been an orphan for the tail end of his childhood, but he was never alone.

His life has made him a quiet, curious, and certainly compassionate individual. Much like the spirit that bound herself to him, Callum drawn to the downtrodden, just so he can help lift them back up. Though he tries his best to keep his identity as a mage secret, he will use his spells in self-defense, and to help others. He’s willing to spin elaborate lies, and disguise himself to evade detection. Even though he seems happy in his selfless acts, Callum often comes of as melancholic to others. This is reflected in the wistful tales from the fade, or ones of his own that he tells to travelers in his journeys. The mage often leaves others wondering; “How can someone smile, but seem so sad at the same time?”
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