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Persephone Grimaldi


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Oct 3 2017, 09:26 PM
Player Name: Flapjack

Character Name: Persephone Grimaldi
Date of Birth: 8th Kingsway, 898
Gender: Female
Race: Other
Class: Mage


Height :- 5'7
Eye Colour :- Green
Hair :- Like all Grimaldi's, Persephone's hair is black as night. She keeps it straight and long, always kept immaculate with both magic and proper care.
Build :- Slender with not an ounce of fat upon her body, though slightly frail. Blood magic has kept her body tight in her aging years, with not a wrinkle in sight.
Persephone is beautiful, plain and simple.

Personality and History:

Persephone Grimaldi was fortunate to be like all the rest of the blessed Grimaldi's. Coming into her magic at the age of 5, she was not killed like the children that were either born with deformities or did not produce magic. She was taught Necromancy privately from her elf blooded parents, she of course elf blooded as well, thus allowing her to learn magic with a better sense than a human. After 15 years of Necromancy, she was taught blood magic as well and continued to master the magic for another 20 years. After fifty years, she is adept in both. She uses blood magic to keep herself looking young and healthy, preferring the blood of virgins and innocents. She taught all of her children, along with her husband, Necromancy, but only her son took to blood magic.

She married Hades and produced three living children, the eldest being a boy Titus and the next two girls named Euryale and Lysistrata. There were many more children in between but none met the Grimaldi rules so they were killed, a practice Persephone was just fine with. She had a rivalry with her her youngest, Lysistrata, but that does not mean she does not love her and her sister. It does not matter as the girl has now been banished. She even spoiled them growing up, as they were the only living children she had and spared from death. She loves all her children in separate ways. Each have their own distinct personalities but she likes to say they all have a bit of her within them.

She and Hades no longer sleep together, for the producing of children was done years ago and they are no longer attracted to one another.

Persephone is dominating in absolutely everything. She wants things done her way and one must always obey, this especially showing in her sexual relationship with lovers and personal relationships with her daughters. Calculating and incredibly intelligent, this woman will do anything to get her way. She enjoys the finer things and likes to be pampered. Regardless, she does not mind getting her hands dirty with any family business. She is a death mage after all.

Now with the death of her son, she dotes on her daughter, daughter in law, but especially her grandson.
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Oct 17 2017, 09:04 AM

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