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Snorre Paug


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Oct 10 2017, 12:03 PM
Player Name: Victor

Character Name: Snorre Paug
Date of Birth: 9:18 14nth of Harvestmere
Gender: Male
Race: Dwarf
Class: Rogue

Appearance: If someone was looking for the typical criminal dwar then Snorre would be a pretty good option, despite the fact that he keeps his head cleanshaven so he does not sport a beard unlike most dwarves as well as making his casteless mark very visible. His body is a mix between fit and chubby since he keps on the move a lot but still getting fat from drinking

Personality and History:
He was born a casteless in Dust Town of Orzammar, so his lot in life was pretty much decided right then and there. His life of crime did not have a really rough start, usually he was sent into the small places where the grown ups could not fit or was bringing messages for the Carta. His life took a sharp turn when the Hero of Ferelden came through Orzammar to call upon the aid of the dwarves and as the Grey Warden took on the mission to clean up the carta it was Snorre's father who had been one of those that were killed.

After that Snorre had a great resentment towards the Grey Wardens, he wore his father's old armour as a reminder but also because it was made in such a way that he was able to conceal his two axes without most guards noticing they were there, especially on the surface.

Because later in life he did came to the surface after some effort to become leader of the Carta but it did not work out. After some adventuring on the surface, getting used to the open sky, he spent some time learning about how the underworld worked topside in the famous city of Kirkwall along with learning that there was more than one type of booze. There he enjoyed becoming one of importance but again it was not something that would last and he had to search for new hunting grounds.

Now he had turned to the Fereldan city of Gwaren, joining the Thieves guild there in order to work up his reputation so it would match his experience with his eyes set on becoming one of the high rollers. Or at the very least grab as much coin as he possibly could that he did not spend on drinking.

But it was also in Gwaren when he met his first real friend. A small rat that one night had found safety and food within his armour while he had been sleeping the booze off. And when he woke up and discovered this he decided that since it was not doing him any harm and found the animal to be cuter than most vermin he had encountered that he would keep it and would some times be seen feeding it a few bits of food.

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