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May 17 2018, 04:02 PM
So this is the taken list for the Canons if we feel so inclined to take them up, if you want a canon then let me know, and FYI both Hawke Twins in play.

Elissa Cousland-Therrin, Hero of Fereldan, hero of the Fifth blight.
Whereabouts unknown at this current time. Staff played as and when

Kira Hawke, Eldest Hawke sibling, Champion of Kirkwall and a Rogue, Whereabouts unknown at this current time. Staff played as and when.

Solus and Flemeth are not in play, both of these characters are Gods and even with the laid back attitude now, still not allowing Gods into play. If there is a need for Solus then a staff will play him the same with Flemeth.

Solona Amell taken by @Zyah

Mahariel taken by @Imogen

Loghain Mac Tir, Former Regent of Denerim, Former Teryn of Gwaren, Grey Warden joined to the order during the blight, taken by @Kat
May 15 2018, 11:27 AM
@Victor, @Zyah, @Zhavirah, @DreadPirateMike, @Momo, @Flapjack, @Kai, @MireliA

I'm just putting this up to see if there is any interest. All the above have a pirate in some way shape or form hence why yous gots tagged ha ha.

So we know that the Brotherhood have thier own preferred ports of call depending on what area of Thedas's waters they call their own. I know that in the past it was the Captains and thier seconds, only ever met when called together by the Seer, but how about something different.

Having ensigns to show thier allegiances and all that is all well and good but what harm would it be for our intrepid bunch of marauders, murderers, flesh eating psychopaths, etc etc get together to have some fun on shore. Maybe take over a large out of the way Port to call it a Brotherhood Headquarters, for want of a better word, if anyone has a better word feel free to change it.

Those Raiders are really getting up themselves of late, encroaching into what is generally believed to be Pirate Lords (and ladies) territories. The Pirates have been rather quiet of late, so maybe its time for them to show these wannabes who really are the big bosses around town.

So heres the idea, A large island Port, separated miles from the main land and between Rivain and Orlais (seems to make for a decent climate). All manners of trade flow through this island haven, silks, spices, booze, wine, gems, whatever you can think of usually finds it way through.

Once it was the main base of the Brotherhood many years back and, due to other concerns was left largely forgotten, and the raiders snuck in, turned it upside down and inside out, until all traces of allegiance to the Brotherhood were forgotten. Over the ensuing decades Donovan's Reef, named after a former Pirate lord, has had all manners of trade and miscreant flow through, from Raider to Smugglers, Opportunists, wannabes and other such elements.

Ordinarily this might not look like a good prospect, that is until some Raider big mouth claims he has the hidden tomes of the Seer and has started offering them for sale to the highest bidder. No one who rides the oceans believe the brotherhood exist in any great number anymore, they have been quiet of late and many have assumed that either the Seer is dead, or the ships that carried the Brotherhoods names have been sunk or moved on elsewhere.

Any sightings of said vessels is put down to some drunken sailors mad ramblings. So in essence, shore leave, to teach the upstarts a lesson and take control of what can be a very lucrative business for the Brotherhood....and show those eejits that they are small fry compared to these sharks.

Anyone game?

Feb 19 2018, 06:22 PM
Arianni Vahra

Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Class: Mage
Age: between 25 and 31

Arianni is a circle mage, raised within the circle. When Jainen fell she had escaped and run for her life. In theory this now makes her an apostate, however, she found her way to Vigil's Keep and begged to be made a Grey Warden.

If Arianni has any relationship with her parents it is upto the adopter, she was born in the Highever Alienage and remained there until her magic manifested at the age of 5. Any branch of magic is acceptable however if she goes down the path of blood mage, there would need to be a good reason for this, as the wardens at Vigil's Keep are wary of Blood Mages, given what happened to thier brethren at Soldier's Peak by Avernus and his mages. Arianni has been a warden for about six months so she is still junior.

Her personality, appearance and face claim upto the adopter.

Hirka Bevis

Gender: Male
Race: Dwarf
Class: Warrior
Age: between 30 and 35

Hirka was a stone dwarf, exiled from Kal Hirol for the murder of a nobles son. He could have been exiled to prevent his family from losing thier standings in the city, or he could have merely headed for the surface before anyone caught him, that would be upto the adopter.

What was clear was that on his way to the surface he was struck by a Genlock and although he killed it, some of its blood found its way though his own wounds. He was found by a passing Warden patrol and taken to Vigils Keep to be joined to the order. He has been Grey Warden for just over a year so was there when the Keep erupted in civil war.

Personality, appearance and face claim upto the adopter.

Canice Saya

Gender: Female
Race: Qunari (Tal Vashoth)
Class: Warrior (two handed)
Age: 25 - 35

Canice is a Tal Vashoth, deserting the Qun and leaving Seheron and headed for Rivain to live in a Tal Vashoth village when she was 21. It was during this time that whilst protecting some merchants that had come to trade with the local towns, they were attacked by blight wolves.

Canice was badly mauled by the beasts and was saved by a group of Rivani Wardens who took her and the other survivors to the keep. Only Canice survived the joining.

She is rare, a Qunari warden. The only one that is known at this time, that is not to say there are not others but she has not yet met any. She moved from Rivain to Nevarra and now is at Vigil's Keep, she has only been at the Keep for 6 months so she is a bit of a novelty. She wields a two handed Greatsword she calls Virmarth, and allows no other to wield her. Something to do with the sword being an extension of her and her alone.

Her personality, appearance and face claim is upto the player.

Sven Konig

Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Rogue
age: 21 - 25

Sven is a former assassin saved from the noose by the Grey Wardens in Redcliffe. Joined by the Wardens at Vigil's Keep he is mostly marked for scouting and spying (yes even the GW have spies) he could be a possible trainee for Malachi played by @Caraine. If this is the case then the adopter can consult with her for threads and stuff with Malachi and he has only been a warden for six months

His appearance, personality and face claim is upto the adopter as is the bulk of his history.
Feb 19 2018, 04:14 PM
Marcella Anaxas

Marcella is the daughter of a Nevarran Duke, she is very attractive and Maker does she know it. She expects everyone to fall in love with her and is vain to a fault. Ego? No one has an ego like hers. So when she is snubbed by the young Duke of Perendale, the adage "hell hath no fury" would Certainly apply to her.

She does not believe that any man would turn her down for marriage, especially in favour of a Whore, and a Tevene Whore at that! Oh the shame

Marcella is between 18 and 25 long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. She is spoilt by her doting father who sees her as a precious doll and gives her whatever she want. Marcella will be the nemesis of Marius Falkenrath, the man who dared to snub her. She will make his life an utter misery.

Her personality can be upto the Adopter but the only condition is that she is a powerful woman who has been scorned. It really is Hell hath no fury. She can be an only child or a sibling, but what is plain is she is ambitious and her reach is long. Face Claim is also upto the Adopter
Feb 1 2018, 06:28 AM


Leliana stirred and woke from her slumber, the sunlight beat through the windows of her cottage. A small place out in the countryside of Crestwood. Not too far from civilisation, but far enough to allow her some privacy, her and her mate.
It was then she realised, she was alone.

Getting up she drew a silk gown around her naked form and went to the window to see Selina, saddling her horse, her sword in the saddle. At first she thought her lover was going to see Captain Ryan at Griffon’s Peak, but then she saw her sag against the saddle.

Leliana frowned and quite suddenly an uneasy wash of dread flooded through her. She hurried out of the room they shared and out into the courtyard. Without a word the Bard ran to her lover and span her round, stepping back as Selena's appearance shocked her more than any spy report ever did.

The once beautiful face was now gaunt, almost sunken, black rings under the eyes and the criss cross of dark veins. Her eyes a gorgeous grey were now almost silver.

“Maker....when? When did it start?”

“A few days ago” Selena whispered “The nightmares have been coming thick and fast, I am...finding it harder to resist.” She turned her head, not wanting Leliana to see the tear that fell from one of her eyes “It is time Leli” She almost had trouble getting the words out.

Leliana shook her head, denial coursing through her like a tidal wave, it had not been the allotted time, they still had a few years together, not this, not now. “Maker no! This is, there has to be some trick...maybe you are feeling the fake call, we don't know how long that will reverberate for....”

Selena took the spy masters hands in hers and shook her head, but Leliana wouldn't hear of it. Her denials came thick and fast, and for only the third time in their lives Selena raised her voice.

“Sister Nightingale” She snapped, causing Leliana to stop in mid tirade. Selena regretted it the moment she said it but she had to make Leliana understand, this was no corrupt magic, if it were then she would know, this was no twisted Darkspawn Magisters work. This was what it was. She put her hand to Leliana's face and cupped it round her cheek, “It is my time Leli, we both knew this would come, we both knew that one day I would succumb. I've had a good life, I have no regrets”

“Where will you go?”

“Where we all go” She sighed “Orzamarr”

Leliana nodded and went back inside. Selena thought for one moment that she had hurt Leliana more than Marjolaine ever could, or the death of Justina ever did but, soon after Leliana emerged in her battle armour and brought her own horse round.


“I am going with you.”

“You can't come with me into the Deep Roads, I won't allow it especially after I nearly lost you the first time we went in there looking for Branka!”

“I know I cannot come with you, but I can be with you until you have to go...does this mean that Oghren will be there too?”

Selena nodded and handed Leliana the message she had received that morning. Oghren, Nathaniel, Valaana had all heard the calling and would meet their commander on route. She also saw that Alistair was on route, and he would be here by noon. Leliana handed the message back and took her lovers hand.

“You will not leave me behind to wonder if you made it to Orzamarr.” she kissed her softly “Are we clear no?”

“Clear” Selena looked at her hand, a magical spark filled the centre of the her palm, but it was erratic and she closed it off as quickly as it had been summoned. She reached into her cloak and took a letter marked for Cullen. “When I have gone into the Deep roads I want you to go back to Skyhold, you have friends there Leli and I do not want you to mourn me alone. Would you see that Cullen gets this, its long overdue and I think he needs to know I never bore him ill-will, those were....desperate times.”

Leliana touched her cheek “You have always held his hurt as personal”

“Wouldn't you? Those were my brother and sister mages that subjected him and his brothers and sisters to all that...not that it matters now but, well I am the Hero of Ferelden the only mage who has ever held land, the only Mage that installs a sense of wonder and not fear. The same cannot be said for others, not since Kirkwall and not since that incident with Corypheaus” Selena moved Leliana's hand gently “That was the first time I saw why people feared us and it scared me Leliana. Because I knew that somewhere, deep inside me, had I been in the Tower and had Duncan not conscripted me into the Wardens I might have become one of those maniacs, and Cullen was one of the only Templars who went out of his way to be nice to me...even if there were young raging hormones at work.”

Leliana sniggered and set her bow in its place on her saddle. “When do we leave?”

“When Alistair arrives...oh I can't even imagine what Anora is going through”

“Will she be here?”

“No. She is Queen of a kingdom, and needs to be there, although I believe there is going to be an announcement made after he has gone.”

Leliana looked at the sky, they still had a couple of hours she took Selinas hand and led her inside the cottage and into their room then shut the door.

Alistair rode silently alongside the women, he shivered a little and it wasn't the cold. It was funny how he had never really wanted to marry Anora, now he was glad that he had, for he knew that their kingdom would be in safe hands, and their child, the only one they had, a handsome son would be a fine King when he grew up. He was only three but it seemed to make it all the more...poignant for him. The fact that he was Calens son and not Alistairs had never come into it

The Maker had a sense of humour it seemed. He was unsure if he would ever be a father and the one time he was, the calling comes upon him, denying his wish to see his child grow. He glanced at Leliana, their reunion had been a tearful one. He had followed the Bards exploits with interest and had seen that no matter what had befallen Leliana in the years following the blight, she was determined and loyal to not just him and their friends from that day, but to her love.

Zevran was master of the Crows now, even the thought of Zevran brought a smile to Alistair’s face, for all his innuendos, the elf had been a good friend and ally, even doing some work for Alistair when it was required. Oghren would be there beside them when they walked into the deep roads. So he was sure that belching farting foul mouthed shrimp would see them through it all.

He had no idea what had happened to Shale, but Leliana had said she was around somewhere and that the Tevinter mage who had helped her restore her form was her companion. Wynn had died in Orlais, Sten was Arishock now, well that was hardly a surprise really, Alistair had seen him once since they parted company and that was in the company of a dwarf called Varric and a pirate queen called Isabella.

Morrigan...he closed his eyes, Leliana had told him that Kieran was a happy boy, well grounded and polite. He regretted ever not being able to see his son, but he had made a promise, and it seemed that Morrigan had lost her nasty edge. He looked to the sky and stopped, there was a raven, which was not unusual but when they stopped it stopped.

He leant over and rested a hand on Selena's arm “We are being followed it seems sister”

Selena glanced back and smiled to herself “I think someone wishes to join us.”

“Not for my benefit I can assure you of that” Alistair muttered.

Selena raised her arm and the raven settled happily on her wrist then moved to the Warden Commanders shoulder and looked at Alistair.

“I knew it. She's come to gloat to finally say goodbye and good riddance, bloody sneaky witch thief twitchy...” his barb however did not have the same punch it once did and the yellow eyed raven cocked its head a little and then hopped on his shoulder “Fine Morrigan, but crap on my armour and you are cleaning it off.”

The Raven squawked but said nothing more. Leliana sniggered a little but her gaze remained on Selena's face, although her eyes flickered gratefully to the Raven and the bird bobbed its head a little.

They would not be alone.

They were three days from Orzamarr when Morrigan resumed her human form, she helped Leliana set up the fire and brought some rabbit for the meal. The two Wardens were waiting for their comrades giving the two women time alone.

“When did you hear about it?” Leliana asked.

“Kieran told me it was time. He said he could feel his fathers growing call so, I left Kieran in the care of some Dalish friends and said I would see that his father made his destination. It didn't take me long to work out that Selena and Oghren would also be with him,” Morrigan looked at her “You?”

“I think Selena was planning to leave without me. But I would not have let that happen,”

“Worry not bard, I would have come for you” Morrigan replied and set the spits up with the rabbits that she had expertly skinned and gutted. She closed her eyes a little “I will miss her Leliana, she has been the sister I never had, our debates have been like fire and ice, like raging tempests but our love is earnt. If I could have found a way to aid her in her hunt then I would have done, I swear to you I would have found a way to stop this from taking them away from us...from you”

Leliana rested a hand over Morrigans and for once Morrigan did not shrug it off “Perhaps” She whispered “When I return to my home after I have been to Skyhold to deliver a message, you and Kieran would like to come and stay with me. I have the room”

Morrigan looked at her and for the briefest of moments Leliana saw the golden eyes dampen, then they looked away “I cannot impose...”

“It would not be an imposition, the stronghold of the peak is nearby and there are merchants. Some of the farms are back in use so there are young people for Kieran to associate with, and I could use the company of a friend.”

Morrigan looked at her once more “or perhaps a sister?”

Leliana nodded and smiled. “Maybe Kieran would one day get to meet Maric”

“Oh I don't know about that, wouldn't want Anora to think that there was a challenge to the throne would we.”

“She wouldn't” Alistair sat himself down and warmed his hands “I told her about Kieran when I found out about him. She knows he is the reason Selena and I survived the Arch Demon in Denerim. He is welcome to visit Morrigan,” Alistair met her gaze “Anora told me to tell you should I see you, Maric has a brother, she has no wish for it to end up like me and Calen. Kieran is my son in all the ways that count and he has a right to meet his brother”

“That is very generous of Anora” Morrigan was shocked “I will put it to Kieran and let him decide. He is 16 now and a grown man almost.”

“Selena said he has you hair”

“He has your temperament Alistair, and your eyes” Morrigan took a small locket from her pocket and handed it too him “When you are in the Deep Roads, keep him by your side as he keeps you by his”

Alistair opened the locket to see a small picture of his son, and the resemblance between Kieran and Maric was unmistakable. He was a Therrin there was no doubt. He went to put it round his neck, but his fingers trembled too much.

Morrigan got up and did it for him, she planted a kiss on his cheek and patting his shoulder walked to where her best friend stood, waiting.

“I will keep my promise old friend. Leliana will always be under my protection.”

Selena looked at her and nodded, not saying anything. She didn't need to even now Morrigan could sense the blight taking hold of her friends. Alistair hid it better but it was there. The two women stood in silence and watched the moon, Morrigan rested her head against her friends shoulder, her arm around her, to anyone else it was two close friends saying goodbye, but Morrigan was ensuring that the Hero of Ferelden had someone to help her remain standing and for once, gave her some strength that others had taken from the Warden.

It was time that someone other than Leliana shoulder that responsibility, after all, Thedas owed these Wardens that now headed to their own end more than anyone should ever wish to believe.

By dawns early light the other three Wardens joined their Commander and their King and headed to the Dwarven realm.

They stood at the entrance to the Deep Roads, Leliana watched as the Legion of the Dead came to meet the Grey Wardens, and when they saw who they actually were all of the Legion bowed their heads and moved to one knee. Sigrun had died several years earlier. There were some words spoken that neither Leliana or Morrigan could hear.

Selena looked back and handed her staff to Nathaniel then walked back to where the two women stood with Bheln beside them. “When our time has come to an end, the Legion will send word to you both and to Denerim and Amaranthine. Leli, Amaranthine is no longer a major Warden stronghold, but it is still my Arling, it is now yours” Leliana stared shaking her head a little “I think it is time that you did what you do best and maybe if Morrigan is willing, allow Kieran to become our heir, he is like a Nephew to me and as we have no children” Her voice trailed a little.

“Would it not revert to the Crown?” Morrigan asked as Alistair joined them with Oghren.

“There is still a Warden presence, but we are separate from the main order now and we are more armed protectors than Wardens” Oghren explained. “This was discussed before Sel went to be with Leliana, We just needed your permission Lady Morrigan”

Morrigan could barely believe that Oghren was being official, no burbs, no farts and no expletives.

“I already agreed to it” Alistair took Morrigans hands in his, the poor woman was too shocked to even draw back “My – our son will have what is due to him unlike myself. He will be acknowledged as my son and he will have a place in the Royal household. This is the best way we could do it without those idiots at the Landsmeet shitting on it as in their eyes he is like his father, a bastard son of a king”

“And that is the truth of it” Morrigan whispered and lowered her hands “I thank you Alistair, it will be good to have a place we can call home without eyes watching us all the time.”

“You and Leli will rule in my stead and when Kieran is of age, he will become the new Arl” Selena glanced at them and after they said their goodbyes she was left with the silent bard. “Live for me Leli, be happy and if you should meet someone who stirs your not hesitate, take it with both hands and live.”

“No one will ever replace you my love” Leliana held her head high but the tears flowed.

“I should think not” Selena smiled, a weak one but it was there “But you do not deserve to be alone my love.”

Selena kissed her, it was a long passionate kiss and when they drew back she bowed her head and walked towards her Wardens, those that had been there for her and with her through thick and thin and without looking back walked alongside the dwarves into the deep roads....

A letter arrived for Leliana, one for Morrigan and one for Queen Anora, another for Felsi and one for the Howes and the Dalish clan that had long settled in the Amaranthine lands. It was from the commander of the Legion of the Dead, and was dated six months after they had gone into the Deep Roads and read as follows:

“It is my solemn and honoured duty to inform you, that the Grey Wardens Nathaniel Howe, Alistair Therrin, Oghren, Valaana and the Hero of Fereldan Selena Amell, fought a host of Darkspawn that had infested the Cadash Thaig once more.

It was a battle to glory of the Ancestors and the Maker himself, they stood back to back as brothers and sister, and allowed us to collect out wounded and our dead. They died with honour and dignity their peace with the Maker made.”

At the bottom of Leliana's note was an adenum.

“The Commander of the Grey wished me to convey this to you. Never has she loved anyone as much as she has loved you. You were her reason to go on and you were her reason to fight every evil that came her way. You will one day be by her side in the Makers sight, until then....remember her and live.”

Leliana's heart broke.
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