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Age: 30
Job: Captain of Ravager
Relationship Status: Single
Location: The Sea
Joined: 9-February 18
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Javos Hainere


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Feb 9 2018, 01:14 PM
Player Name: Victor

Character Name: Javos Hainere
Date of Birth: 11nth of Kingsway 9:23
Gender: Male
Race: Other
Class: Rogue

Appearance: Standing at the height of 175 cm Javos is quite fit from his years at sea and in a jungle climate tanning his skin. His mixed heritage does not easily show, making him look completely human with a more slender build than purely muscular He have a few tattos on his arm and prefer to hae the sides of his head shaved. His eyes are brown with a glint of miscief.

Faceclaim: Michael Mando

Personality and History:
Javos was born as the illegitimate son of Sora Hainere and an elven woodcutter with more charm than sense. Also the father did not remain long and the mother had to take care of her baby boy all alone in Antiva city, working anywhere they could accept a young mother. When Javos reached his teens his mother died of a fever and he was left alone. The Antivan Crows usually pick their reruits at a younger age but he did not catch their attention before Teviner slavers caught him andd brought him in chains on one of their ships.

But fate did make another twist in Javos' life as there was suddenly an opportunity for him to get free as the ship sailed towards the slave markets of Tevinter. He managed to get himself and his fellow would be slaves out of their bondage and killed every Tevinter on board. They were then free but drifting in the Boeric Sea, water and food soon ran out so Javos and those who would be his closest friends took some desperate measure by eating the freshly dead. It gave them the few days they needed to survive to have the ship beach on an unnamed island.

By then Javos had claimed leadership of the survivors since who would argue with the guy who is willing to eat you? But they found the food and water that they needed to survive on the island and soon they had the slave ship repaired and made it their own. They named it Ravager and that was the start of their career as full on pirates, mostly towards Tevinter ships but they were never too choosy when it came to fat prizes.

Javos reign as captain of the ship has not been as harsh as one would think a cannibal would be. He makes it a rule to not eat his crew, though should any of his commit any crimes they are in danger of becoming stew. He is tough but fair, easy to give reward to those who have done well. However he is prone to do some what he consider to be pranks, what others might call horrifying. He knows that there's a value in inducing fear in his opponents, making them more likely to do as he wish. And with all the successes he had now achieved with his pirate vessel that has made him a member of the Brotherhood of the Leviathan despite all the hardships he have faced have made him be very disrespectful against anyone who try to use authority against him. So those he actually respect beyond the original members of his crew can easily be counted on one hand.

But even if he is slow to trust he has some charm and is quite friendly at first, so those who know him by his reputation are never really sure what kind of mood he is in. But in the end they all find out.
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