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Deanna Suthers


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Mar 27 2018, 08:14 PM
Player Name: Jax

Character Name: Deanna Suthers
Date of Birth: : 9th Justinian 933
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Class: Mage


Deana is a beautiful young woman, her blonde hair always seems to have a shine of its own and her blue eyes sparkle with the exuberance of youth. Always immaculate in her appearance. Deana is a friendly young woman, who has seen too much in the way of the fluid nature of Warden Politics and thier constant infighting. between the wardens to even be surprised by what comes up next.

Personality and History:

Deanna has no idea who her parents are, where she was born or even if the woman that raised her was her real grandmother. To Deanna's mind Maggie has always been there, mother father and grandmother all rolled into one neat package.

Deanna grew up under Maggies watchful and protective gaze, going everywhere with her grandmother and in the process learning from an early age about the different healing herbs and plants that would best serve her later in life, as well as the poisonous ones. Maggie was meticulous in her teachings and If Deanna got something wrong she was made to go over it again until she got it right. After all, someone's life depended on her knowing the right concoction of herbs.

When Deanna was 8 her magical abilities surfaced. No one was around when the small tree was force pushed from its roots. With her grandmothers teaching and guidance over the following years.

Deanna's real abilities as a healing mage surfaced shortly after the initial force blast. A gamekeeper on the Arls estate had been wounded chasing off poachers. a blue glow envelpoed Deanna's hands and she eased the gamekeepers suffering and healed his lesser wounds, her grandmother healed his broken arm.

Maggire knew though it would be a matter of time before her granddaughter was discovered to be a mage and Deanna was warned about using her magic sparingly.

Deanna is a shy girl, who is uncomfortable around large groups of people and this manifests with her playing with her hair or a stutter and depending on the situation depends on how strong the stammer is.

However when she is faced with a medical emergency and she needs to be at her best the stammer seems to vanish and she is a focused confident young woman, Still learning about her magical abilities, although her healing abilities are respected within Vigils Keep.

When Deanna was 18 she voluntarily joined the Grey Wardens, it would keep her out the clutches of the Circles and the Keep needed a healer of some competence. She has seen all that the Keep has to throw at the Wardens that live there.

When the failed Coup in august of 952 happened, Deanna came into her own, running the infirmary like a military operation, her skills and that of the healers, mages and non mages, saved many lives. Deanna has become something of a lucky charm to those who survived the coup and all the Grey Wardens at Vigil's Keep owe her and her staff thier lives. A fact that has made them protective over her.

Even if Deanna insists that she was merely doing her job.

Deanna is the Best Friend of Ramsey Guthrie, and has been made an honorary Guthrie because of her friendship with Ramsey.
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