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Carter Hol


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Mar 27 2018, 08:14 PM
Player Name: Jax

Character Name: Carter Hol
Date of Birth: 8th of Solas 921
Gender: Male
Class: Warrior


Carter Hol is a tall well built man of solid muscle and covered in tattoos. Many of them tribal in design. He has long black hair that is tired into a topknot and his grey blue eyes have seen more than some of those under his command.
Numerous scars cover his body from fights that he has been in, be they on ship boarding missions or tavern brawls. An intimidating presence on ship and on land.

Personality and History:

Carter is a native of the Free Marches State Ostwick, born and raised within her streets he never knew his father, and his mother was a prostitute to provide what little she could for her only son.

His mother's profession meant that she would give birth twice more before the maker took her into his hands along with her third stillborn child. Both Carter and his sister Amelia were taken into the care of the Chantry and taught to read and write, the idea was to send him for training with the Templars, Carter had other ideas.

As soon as he was old enough he hopped onto a ship travelling from Ostwick to Antiva, When the captain realised he had a 15 year old stowaway on his boat he was going to throw him off, until he realised that the lad could read and write, a rarity on most ships unless they were officers.

Carter had his home and he never looked back. Over the years he would not only train constantly in how to use a sword without cutting his fingers off or harming his crewmates as well as himself, he was taught the business side of the merchant trade and kept meticulous records so the captain and quartermaster could keep track of what they had in storage and how much space they had left, what thier crew complement was etc etc.

In 939 whilst serving on a cheap Wine Merchants vessel from Antiva, Carter and the crew, fed up with the Captains treatment and his not sticking to the rules of the sea in regarding wages, opted for a career change when Raiders stole the ship and its cargo and killed the captain.

Now a pirate Carter moved from ship to ship and settled on the Ghost of high Tide, from there he rose through the ranks and it was in 944 that he truly came into his own. When the Ghost fought the Blue Fox, the Ghost came off worse but, as a show of peace the captain offered Carter the position of Boatswain

It is a relationship that works, in some ways. Whilst Carter is not Jerems biggest fan, he has earnt a grudging respect for the Captain. The fact they have Cannons has made him think that perhaps his captain is not a dandy after all.

Jerem uses his wit and his charm, Carter uses his voice and his skills to get things done. He knows who to assign the work too and if it doesn't get done he is taking names in the morning and kicking ass in the evening.

There is no real friendship between the Captain and his Boatswain, but aside from thier own differences of opinion they do work rather well together. The sticking point, or one of them, was whilst Jerem had a soft spot for the Dwarf Torgin, Carter couldn't stand him.

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