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Alias: The Rose of Orlais
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Evae Le Guierry


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Apr 4 2018, 01:11 PM
Player Name: Imogen

Character Name: Evae Le Guierry
Date of Birth: 9:37
Gender: Female
Class: Citizen

Appearance: She is a proud, fey thing, with wild eyes as dark as a cloudless night, and a healthy, albeit willowy, form. The heritage of the Orlesians is obvious in those slender lines, in that otherworldly loveliness that touches her features, high cheekbones made for a life among the aristocracy, soft lips, a delicate jaw framed by flowing waves of sable. Her golden skin is clearly pampered, soft and flawless with warm undertones that mark the heritage of House Le Guierry. There is a strange quality to her beauty, an often distant and unpredictable aspect to those lovely dark eyes that can be off-putting, even when her her curves manage to entice. Yet she carries herself with the effortless poise of her Royal blood, every movement marked with a youthful sort of arrogance, a presence somewhere between commanding and gently compelling.

A gown of warm ivory brocade covers her slender form, the contrast of the pale fabric highlighting nicely the golden undertones of her skin. It has upon it a simple pattern of leaves and flowers, one woven so finely into the fabric that it takes a close look to even know it is there as anything other than a slight golden gleam, a play of bright and shadow. The cut of the garment is simple enough, with long sleeves to protect against winters chill that fit to the elbow before flaring lightly, a neckline that plunges in a 'v' shape just dramatic enough to give a tempting glimpse of cleavage, and a fitted waist enhanced with a belt of burnished golden discs that rests on the gentle swell of her hips. Skirts fall in a gentle drape towards the floor, full enough to be luxurious but not to distract.

Shining sable hair is worn mostly loose, a few pins of burnished silver holding choice pieces back from her face before the rest falls down her back in softly brushed curls. On her right ring finger a band of rose gold gleams, set with sapphire and jet between simple, open circles that resemble the links to a chain.

Personality and History: The young woman who will grow into the individual the Empire calls "The Rose of Orlais" was born to an unassuming section of House Le Guierry , destined to never inherit anything. However fate had a different plan for the young, bright girl.

She was born almost a month early, on the first day of spring, amid winter's last reluctant gasp to free the land from its teeth. It was a difficult birth, and she was a small, sickly babe, but by the grace of Andraste both mother and child survived.

It left a mark on the girl, Evae, and for the remainder of her life, she would always be frailer and weaker even than others of her sex. Fortunately, the shortcomings of her flesh were not so much a curse as they may have been viewed in a more progressive culture. The value of her life would be measured in ways other than an ability to run and jump and carry on.

As a very young child, she was kept largely indoors, for fear that her health would deteriorate again. It was a valid fear, for her constitution never really recovered from the trauma of those earliest days, but it did not keep her from the education befitting a niece to the emperor. Despite her frailty, or perhaps because of it, she was a particularly pretty girl, one that would flower in time into an extraordinarily beautiful young woman. As expected, she was instructed in all of the many things that are calculated to make a young woman appealing, an attractive helpmate to a future husband: to dance, to play the harp, to do needlework, and so on. But Evae proved that what the coin of her fragile body paid for was not its doll's face, but the mind that came with.

She was a very clever girl with a keen mind, and often sat in on her Uncle's meetings and plans while practicing her stitches. When he inevitably got sick of this and tried to have her shooed, she begged for some of those lessons to continue, though it was rapidly made evident that her gifts were more intuitive than genuinely academic. She had a knack for dealing with people, part of which was facilitated by her ability to disarm them with her smile. More than that, however, she displayed a gift for strategy, for piecing together disparate parts into a calculated whole, one that often surprised people.

All combined, those gifts helped her endure under the long shadows of politics and war that lay over her childhood. As a small child, she was often sent to visit friends and family, who were quick to overlook a sweet, frail child sitting in the corner. Often she'd collect useful bits of information to bring home to her mother, things let carelessly slip in front of her under the assumption that she, just a child, wasn't paying attention. As the battle lines changed and the years rolled, so too did her position and role. Time and again she journeyed with Anca to help negotiate trade agreements; time and again she stayed home to fill in for her mother while she was away.

Evae is a young woman whom extraordinary circumstance has forged into a formidable woman who seems wise and capable well beyond her years. She is intensely charismatic, with a real knack for reading those around her and adjusting her approach to them as needed to accomplish the desired results. In private she is often warm, considerate of those around her, and possesses an earthy, even ribald sense of humor that often shocks those that don't expect it of a princess (or who have built her up as a paragon of purity and virtue in their minds), much to her own amusement. In public, she maintains every bit of the dignity and regality that is expected of her position, though she is well aware that a strategically calculated "slip" into a seemingly more-unguarded persona can have benefits. In both cases, she is strong-willed, utterly confident, and decisive when it is called for.

For all the flowery tales told of her, Evaeis a pragmatic and insightful woman, who learned many hard lessons watching 'the great game' from the supposed safety of her uncles' lap. She is perfectly willing to make sacrifices of herself and others for the good of her Empire and its' people, and while she certainly will feel the pangs of regret when she's forced to make such hard choices (especially if they might hurt those she cares for personally), she does not hesitate in doing so if it is the best course of action. She has a keen grasp on the inter-house politics of her vassals and has a natural gift for seeing how to use those relationships to the advantage of her Empire, or at worst making sure the rivalries don't boil over into open hostilities. Perhaps her greatest gift, though, is as a judge of people. She has an eye for both talent and loyalty and has stacked the deck in her favor by surrounding herself with extremely competent individuals.

Her sixteenth birthday was marked by the murder of her uncle in cold blood. While not a surprise or something any in the family was unprepared for, she had been quite close to the man, and in private she was stricken with grief. Now she sits in the middle of a succession war as the imperial family, and nobles with distant ties to the throne squabbles over who will next rules the empire. She does not want to step forward, she does not want to put a target on her back, and yet, if the squabbling goes on much longer she knows there will not be an empire to rule.

She just has to wait for the right moment.
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