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Jan 27 2018, 02:49 PM
Posted in segments.

“Sooooooo,” Alistair said, looking around as Kallian led him, Wynne, Barkley and Sten into the Alienage, “we’re not about to be.... mobbed, are we? The guard outside said this place was dangerous… rife with crime….”

Kallian felt her chest tighten, and her ears begin to burn. “Crime? No. Not among my people against my people. We’re all a large family here. The only crimes here are when humans involve themselves in our lives.” She regretted how bitterly the words came to her, could see Alistair’s eyes widen in surprise. She had never treated him – or Wynne, Leliana or Morrigan – other than equals, and her peculiar position of Grey Warden commanded respect from them. But here they were, not even five minutes in the Alienage, and she was being asked if they were going to be robbed or murdered.

The fact that she could hear angry voices ahead did nothing to soothe her.

She could see and hear that there was a hapless human surrounded by angry elves, right in front of her father’s door as a matter of fact, and she moved into the Alienage with purpose. Usually, when Alistair and the others saw her fall into that smooth, ground-eating stride, it was with a hand reaching back to unlimber a sword or dagger, but today, her hands merely tightened into fists.

“Please, I haven’t done anything,” the man was saying, holding his hands up. “I work down at the docks and....”

“You’re not welcome here, shem,” one of them said, shoving him. “This is OUR place.”

“I’m sorry, I’ll go. Please, I’ll... I’ll give you some money if you just let me....”

“Money? You think because you have money it’ll save you...?”

Kallian started moving faster, and just as the elves started swinging, she charged the crowd.

“Someone’s coming, run!” The four elves scattered, probably before even seeing who it was. All they saw was armor and weapons. They probably thought she was a human guard or mercenary – no elf could ever afford the glittering silverite Grey Warden armor she wore, nor the weapons. Armed humans meant death. Actually, after her abortive wedding two years earlier, Kallian had had it confirmed for her yet again that merely being human meant dealing death and abuse without consequence. She couldn't blame them for their fear.

She turned to the clearly jittery man as he touched a tender and blackening eye gingerly. As she turned to speak to him, her red hair parted and showed one delicate pointed ear. “Are you all right?”

The man recoiled. “I’m going, ok, knife-ear?”

Kallian ground her teeth, but didn’t reply as he ran off. Then she looked back at Alistair, her eyes hooded and her jaw tight. “You’ll be fine,” she said curtly, even as she saw the realization in his eyes of what life here was really like. “You’re with me.”

Overwhelmingly, she felt guilt and embarrassment as she moved through her home. Guilt that she hadn’t missed it more while on the road, and that she was cringing internally at the smell, at the dilapidated buildings, and the unasked questions she could feel burning behind her. Embarrassment that this was where she came from, that these were her people, and that they were reinforcing the ugly stereotypes that humans often spewed about them – lawless, shiftless. It certainly wasn't her people at their best, and it was a lousy introduction for her companions.

Well. She moved to her own door. Her father was a decent man, and perhaps her companions’ first impressions of her home could be salvaged.
Oct 3 2017, 09:21 PM
Player Name: Kat

Character Name: Nyssa Colthurst
Date of Birth: Cloudreach 1, 9:24 Dragon
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Class: Mage

Height & Build : 5' 7", slender
Hair & Eyes: Wavy, glossy chocolate brown hair, hazel eyes

Personality and History: Nyssa Colthurst was born in Markham, one of the city-states of the Free Marches.

Nyssa was sixteen when the Mage/Templar war began, and was a member of the Markham Circle at the time. At age six she had been taken from her family to the Circle -- she was a third child of minor nobility, and when her magic appeared, she was not fit to marry and improve her family's social status, so they did not resist handing her over.

While she did not get to see them, they did, however, provide books, robes, and whatever accoutrements she needed during her education in the Circle.

In 9:40 Dragon, when the war began, she was very much a well-behaved apprentice studying hard for her Harrowing. Violence erupted in her Circle; she watched a Templar die unsuccessfully trying to shield her mentor from another Enchanter's attack -- in the confusion as mages battled mages, and Templars and mages battled each other, she fled.

The chaos of the war allowed her to remain free, unwilling to join either side and trying simply to stay clear and endanger neither herself nor others.

Nyssa is very methodical about her magic, and though she's never been formally Harrowed, she has firm control over the Winter spells and knows well enough not to deal with demons. She already had a firm grounding in Winter spells when she was in the Circle, and has experimented a good deal since.

She's cautiously friendly, because she spent a good deal of time working as a barmaid, a laundress -- anything where she could earn enough to keep fed and sheltered. She was afraid that her inexperience in the mundane world would end with her getting caught, so she made few friends. She never practiced magic openly, and made sure to isolate herself when she did.

Older now, she's tired of running. She wants to try to reach a Libertarian Circle if she can. She wants to continue her education and realizes that she can't do that on her own -- she's simply gone as far as she can on her own, and needs the resources and guidance of other mages. Because she has lived on her own without oversight, she would prefer to join the Libertarians and not be, for all intents and purposes, the property of the Chantry again. She wishes harm to no one but will defend herself with all the skills she has at her disposal.
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