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Dread Pirate Mike


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Oct 14 2017, 03:29 PM
The Blue Fox has braved the waters of Thedas for nearly twenty years, fifteen of those as a Raider and eleven under the command of Jerem Quinn. Known for its fast sailing speed and its billowing blue sails, it's recently acquired a new and greater claim to fame. A surprise attack in Kont-aar by an alliance of Raiders that included both Jerem and his ship accomplished the unprecedented, and captured a Qunari dreadnought intact. A secret deal was struck with the dwarves of Kal'Hirol, and the Blue Fox spent the entirety of 9:52 undergoing an extensive refit at a secret location. And now, on top of all its other lovely qualities, it's also the only vessel outside the Qunari Armada equipped with cannons! Who wants to help me make some mischief?

Anyone interested in playing any sort of crew position at all is excitedly welcome! In fact, if this generates any real interest, I might throw up an entry in the Groups Hub. But there are a couple of key roles I've had in my head for awhile now and was thinking to shop around first.

Manheim Jellik - Boatswain - Taken by @Jax

- Age, anywhere from 35-50
- Native of Ostwick, and lifelong merchant sailor. Serving on an Antivan wine galley in 9:39 under a brutal cheap bastard of a captain. When the ship was seized by Raiders, he and several others took the opportunity for a career change.
- Met Jerem in battle, serving under a rival captain in 9:44. The battle did not go well, with both ship and captain lost. However, Jerem looked to replace his own losses from the survivors, and offered Jellik a senior position as a show of good faith. He soon proved his worth, and became Jerem's right hand.
- Jerem's enforcer as much as effective second in command. Whereas Jerem cajoles with wit and charm, and inspires with boldness of vision, Jellik is the one who breaks all this down into actual jobs, then kicks all the asses necessary to get them done.
- Haaated Torgin, and fiercely resented Jerem's obvious soft spot for the lazy dwarf.
- Quinn and Jellik have never been buddies, per se, but they get results together, and have a strong working relationship.
- Suggested face claim: Randall "Tex" Cobb

Blind Bill - Scout & Lookout

- Alienage elf. I was thinking Kirkwall or somewhere in Ferelden, but that's entirely up to the player.
- Age, late 20s to early 30s
- The nickname is ironic. Even for an elf, even in the dead of night, his vision is fantastic.
- Fled the alienage in his early adulthood, and found a passing Dalish be a bunch of arrogant, condescending pricks. Lasted about three months before a violent altercation with a young hunter who wouldn't stop calling him "flat ear" spelled his return to the city. Up to player whether he won that fight, or left of his own accord.
- Negotiated with Jerem in 9:48 to smuggle weapons into the alienage. What they were intended for is up to the player; Jerem never asked. The meeting was ratted out, and Jerem allowed Bill and a few friends passage on his ship when he escaped. He's stayed on ever since.
- Prides himself on being as "elfy" as any Dalish. Fine marksmanship, and even sports facial tattoos. Whether these resemble Vallaslin is, you guessed it, up to the player.
- Suggested face claim: Robert Mitchum

Lita Kader - Gunnery Chief - Taken by @Momo

- Brand new crewman, filling a position that never existed prior to the Blue Fox's refit
- Age, early 20s
- Kal'Hirol dwarf, and a talented smith in spite of her youth. Distant cousin of Torgin's, but as she was a small child when he left home, she hardly remembers him.
- Helped reverse engineer the Qunari cannons and re-size them for Jerem's ship, so Jerem hired her to train and supervise a crew in their proper operation and maintenence.
- Unused to the sea, but intensely curious about the world beyond the Deep Roads.
- Suggested face claim: Ginnifer Goodwin

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