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Ulrich Gerstenberg


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Oct 8 2017, 11:55 AM
Player Name:

Character Name: Ulrich Gerstenberg
Date of Birth: 23rd Harring 920, Nevarra
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Mage


5'9 with violet flexed blue eyes, black hair and black goatee Athletic build with a swordmans tone although this has been achieved by many years of practising with his staff.

Personality and History:

Ulrichs personality contrasts depending on who he is talking too. If someone treats him with less than the respect he deserves because of his low birth, he will treat them as he would someone who is ill educated and his mannerisms reflect that usually by dropping in sarcastic remarks, or bits of knowledge that may go right over the top of his head.

If they treat him with the respect he has earnt then he shows them the same and usually will get along with them just fine. He is an easy going man, who takes his role in life very seriously and reserves his ire for those that disrespects the Crypts that he oversees. Born into a mining family within the Blasted Hills region of Navarra, Ulrich was the eldest of Five and the first born son, he has two other brothers and two sisters, the sisters being the youngest. It was expected that he would pursue a military career, to aid his family into a better life.

That changed when he was eight and his magic came through. Horrified at the prospect that their eldest was a mage his parents tried to leave him alone in the woods that boarded their lands with Arlesans, however, his aunt, his father's sister spirited him away the day before to the Circle at Cumberland. Although in the ensuing years he is close to his siblings he still cannot, and will not forgive his parents.

At the Cumberland Circle, he was unaware that, like the others his age he was being scrutinised closely, and, having developed an affinty with Entropy brought him even more to his masters notice. As soon as they were certain that he had a strong affinty in that bfeold, he was taken from his circle nad taken to the Grand Necropolis,to be trained to become a Mortalitasi and placed with other apprentices and taught until he had passed his rites.

Amelia Pentaghast, one of the many many Pentaghast that seemed to call a Necropolis home, having seen his utmost and unwavering respect for the dead, took pity on him, those from the circle it seemed did not hav e a great life here, and she did need an apprentice, so she took Ulrich under her wing and became his mistress. Not only did Amelia become his closest friend and trusted advisor but she became like a mother to him , who encouraged him when she knew he was on the right path,but pushed him when she knew he wasn’t on the right path but close to it. She would never shy away from punishing him when he was wrong but she evened it out when he was right. Sometimes his studies would take him into the early hours of the morning and occasionally he would have little sleep as his mistress would task him with more and more work. Seeing how far she could push him and what his limits were. Ulrich has shone in every test his mentor gave him, and passed his Summoning making all his hard work pay off.

When Amelia passed away he had just turned 25 and, as her apprentice he oversaw her internment into the Pentaghast Tomb, In 940 he was chosen by the Overseer to become a Sentinel.Since becoming the Sentinel he has been reunited with his youngest sister Syf who has also shown the magic and is currently at the Cumberland Circle and he wears a gold signet ring given to him by her when he became the Grand Necropolis Sentinel. It is the only jewelry he wears.
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