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Euryale Grimaldi


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Oct 17 2017, 05:45 AM
Player Name: Jax

Character Name: Euryale "Eury" Grimaldi
Date of Birth: 3rd Justinian 912
Gender: Female
Race:: Other
Class: Mage

Face Claim: Jamie Murray


Dark Midnight Black hair, pale skin and bright green eyes, Eury carries herself with an air of confidence that is befitting one of House Grimaldi. When she enters a room she owns it and carries with her an aurra of fear that has people scurrying to do what she commands. She is also very Knowledgeable about the cut throat world of the Magesterium. To look at her you would not know that there is Elf blood in her viens but, her ears are a little higher set then a normal humans and her eyes have an almost exotic shape to them.

Personality and History

The first born daughter of Hades and Persephone and their second child after Titus Euryale was always going to be a cruel mistress. Inheriting the family's racial traits of dark hair, green eyes and pale skin she always excelled at torture and other methods of cruelty to get what she wanted when she wanted.

Eury can be described as a sociopath, she has had twenty five years to hone her skills, all learnt from the first five years when her parents gave her everything she wanted and dealt with those that would dare upset her. She is extremely manipulative and a perfect con artist. She sees nothing wrong with her self serving and manipulative behaviour. She can certainly appear charming and the perfect hostess but in reality she sees anyone fool enough to cross her path as an instrument to be used and abused as she sees fit.

She has very shallow emotions, what might upset a normal person would barely elicit any compassionate response from her, but she would snap and be volatile at something that others might find just mildly annoying. She is, like the rest of her family a death mage She is also a force mage Something she has learnt to use to her advantage on numerous occasions. She was 6 when she came into her magic but did not go into a circle. She spent the next 20 years being trained by her father in necromancy and her Elven aunt. her fathers sister taught her the use of force magic.

She cares little for other people's opinions and is convinced that her opinions are the only ones that matter, anyone who disagrees with her are liable to end up either walking the walls with the undead soldiers, sent to the poison fields or sold as a slave depending on her mood.

Euryale is more like her mother then she cares to admit. Something that Eury loves to thrive on and in that regard is the apple of her mothers eye, as, like Persephone, Euryale does not suffer fools easily. She has a close friendship with her Sister-in-law, and loves both her parents although in truth she is more of a Mothers Girl then a fathers girl.

If asked how she feels about her brothers assassination, Eury does not seem to have any sorrow regarding her brothers death. Merely stating that her brother reached too high, too soon and should have learnt never to poke a sleeping bear, as her father is far more formidable then anyone seems to realise.

Euryale is the Lanista of the Ludus, The Dominar the one responsible for its succcess's. In a surprise hostile takeover in late 952, she brought out the other Ludus's of note in Tevinter and brought the Gladiators across from there, making Ludus Grimaldus one of the biggest in Tevinter. Never shy of lovers, Eury has never been one to shy away from a challenge and some of her former lovers, both male and female have found her to be most entertaining in that department. She has matured a lot in the last two or three years, although her cruelty is legendary and it is a fool who thinks they can ever get one over on her.

Euryale Grimaldi has a long memory.
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