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 Mini-Profiles: A Guide
 Posted: Dec 22 2017, 03:34 PM
played by Momo
25 years old. Mastermind of Mischief Operations. currently Awesome. from Texas.

So you all may have noticed our new mini-profiles! Here is a little how-to on setting them up.

On the outside, they look like this:

user posted image

This image is controlled by the profile picture you have set. To change this, go to My Controls > Edit Avatar Settings. The image is set to 200x300 in size; any smaller you will have white space around it!

If you hover over this image, you will see this:

user posted image

Here you will see a gif, followed by a little biographical and player information, followed by a few links in the magenta boxes (W for want ad, A for application, S for shipper, and D for development/tracker).

To edit these, go to My Controls > Edit Profile Info. At the bottom of that page you will see the following fields:

user posted image

Simply enter your desired information and you are all set! <3

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