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 Ariael Lindiranae, Elven | Mage | Female
Ariael Lindiranae
 Posted: Jun 12 2018, 06:49 PM
played by Phoenix
27 years old. . currently Single. from Thedas.
Ariael Lindiranae

Player Name: Phoenix

Character Name: Ariael Lindiranae
Date of Birth: Dragon 9:18 21rst Guardian
Race: Elven - Dalish
Class: Mage
Specialization: Arcane Warrior

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Appearance: Ariael has an athletic slender body with some minor scars on her body. She long scarlet hair and light colored smooth skin.

History: Ariael Lindiranae was a Dalish elf that lived in the dales among her clan as a child but had been captured by rogue slavers illegally taking slaves for the Twvinter Imperium. She was bought by a powerful Altus class mage to serve in his household as a personal servant. Luckily her master wasn't as sadistic as other Twvinter mages but he was strict and a hard ass. She did well with the other servants and the lord's guard captain. she learned to clean and polish weapons and armor as well as care for the horses and Drascolisks mounts. It was during one winter night when she had been in the kitchen and dropped the eggs the cook needed that she was taken out back and chained up to be whipped. She was whipped three times before she lost control of herself and released a burst of magical energy.

The guards immediately unchained her and took to a holding cell and stayed there for two days in the pitch-black cell. The first sight she saw was her master through the door. He had stern look on his face and made her follow him to his personal study. He informed her that he was required by law to train her. She had been deemed unworthy to know his name until now. His name was Master Arius Dannar a judge for the law. It was fortunate for her that her now mentor had no other apprentices nor had desired to allow any to learn from him in that regard. What was not so fortunate was the trails he would make her go through to make her magical talent grow. She was also trained by the guards to fight with weapons as well. She faced numerous remarks of racism and torment from her trainers.

There would be more than one night that she would be beaten bloody, the only benefit was that the other slaves that had once ordered her around had to listen to her and now bandaged her up at her command. Her master Arius proceeded to take her along to court proceedings. She learned that her master was a strict enforcer of the law in his court. She had watched many men and women lose their possessions, property, and lives, though she also watched as people that had earned justice get it for both the innocent and the guilty.

Ariael also accompanied her master to his political functions. He was a member of the Magisterium he voted on new laws or the retiring of old laws. During those proceedings, she remained absolutely quiet and still. Ariael watched and listened to what went on. There were some that asked about her after the meetings of which she remained silent until her master allowed her to speak. Arius would comment that she was his personal agent. It would be some years through her mentoring that Arius granted her freedom before a judge. To get this freedom she had done whatever her master wanted to be done or he wanted to be killed. She had proven to be very adept when it came to hunting down lesser mages that had insulted her master.

To test her further he had sent her to Seheron when a new push had bee called for to fight the Qunari. She had been all to happy to help. She despised the way they treated mages and her people. The Qunari stripped all identity and even names. Even the magisters didn't do that. They renamed certain slaves but never left a slave without at name. Her master had been kind enough to let Ariael Keep hers. He had actually educated her on where her name likely had come from. Apparently, she was the descendant of an Emerald Knight, the last knight to in fact fight in the exalted marches. She kept this little bit of knowledge in her mind wanting always to explore it more.

It was during a large assault in Seheron that she had allowed the Imperium to gain the upper hand for the island in on the section that proved most advantages for them. She had also saved numerous slaves and imperial soldiers from their untimely deaths when she had torn a hole through a Qunari Dreadnaught that was bombarding the shore. She had caught a Gatlock blast from a cannon in a tendril of magic and redirected it back at the ship. She had gotten lucky with the strike. Living on Seheron was a nightmare. Five factions fought for the islands, Renegade Tel'vashoth, Fog Warriors, Native island Rebels, Qunari and the Twvinter Imperium. What was bad was the fact that the other four factions despised the Twvinters.

She never ate any food except what she made for herself and even then used detection spells to check her food for poison. That paranoid practice had saved her life on more than one count. It was during times during a hard night of fighting in the jungles that she longed to see her old Clan. Ariael had wondered how they all were, mainly her parents. Ariael at times barely remembered their faces or names of her old clan. She always made herself push such memories away, but they would come back to haunt her in her dreams. That was when she spoke to the spirits. Her master told her not to be afraid of entities of the Fade that to always be on guard. His teachings would prove wise as she had encountered a few abominations from other mages that had come to the island. They had either given in to spirits for more power or had been overpowered themselves. Those encounters had been tough fights, but she learned from them.

After returning from Seheron She was taken by her master Arius before a fellow judge and was granted her freedom. She had proven herself to him and she was offered membership to the circle of Magi and diplomatic status should he send her outside the Imperium that was if she agreed to still serve Arius. Ariael had agreed to still be an agent for him but she wanted to track down more about her heritage. She first traveled to ancient Forest of Arlathan. There she studied the ancient ruins spending a great amount of time there deciphering old shrines. During her meditations a beautiful white Arlathan Pride Hart had a come from the foliage. The Beast would make tenative steps towards her then dart away. This would continue until it came to allow her to pet it's hide. The White Hart eventually became friends with her and allowed her to ride and tame him. Ariael would come to name him Banal'ras: Shadow. After spending two years in the Arlathan Forest she traveled down to Antiva city with her mount. She spent some time among the city exploring it before she continued on purchasing passage to Ferelden.

Upon Arriving in Denerim Ferelden's capitol she was immediately met with racism and of courses sexism. The whole city stank of filth and wet dogs. Ariael's mount had also drawn attention, from humans saying that "not to let her pet out of her sight lest the mount him on a wall." She stopped by the local Alienage. She found the place to be a Slum like so many Alienages around the world. As she walked through the alienage attention had been drawn to he by so many elves. She paid the gawking male elves no heed as she stopped to inspect the vhenadahl (The Tree of the people). That was when she had been approached by the Alienage's Elder named Valendrian asking her name and origins. She explained that she had been a former Dalish slave of twvinter but had earned her freedom. He had expressed his surprise but he had the good sense not to ask how. He invited her to a celebration that was to take place soon later that day. Ariael excepted the invitation and stayed to watch their little festival. Ariael had been asked by more than young adult city elf males to dance with them, to which she mainly turned them down until a particularly handsome one asked her.

After the celebration she left Denerim with her mount for the Brecilian forest. There she delved into it's depths finding ruins for which she spent more time deciphering and she came upon an Ancient Elven tomb. She enountered Slyvans guarding it and had to battle them to get into the tomb. She found a hidden trove of ancient scrolls and old tomes and little crystal phylacteries. It was during one night that a ghostly spirit of an ancient elven warrior appeared to her when she was deep in a meditation trance. The being spoke with her about whom it used to be and why it was there. The Soul had been trapped to wander the halls of the tomb until it's vow had been fulfilled. The ghost wanted to impart the knowledge of it's order and the history of the temple she was in. It was a temple dedicated to Falon'Din.

The spirit's vow was to pass on all that they had learned and know to a successor to guide others. The spirit had not fulfilled their vow before their death but now had the chance to do so. The spirit taught her Elven magics and practices of the Arcane Warriors and Lore keepers. She was made to vow that she would carry on it's traditions and when she found a dead elven brethern to provide rites of the Falon'Din for them so the souls were not left to wander and could sleep eternally in peace. After her training in the fade had ended she found that days had passed. Her body was weak from the exertion and she would spend some time recovering and contemplating it all. Ariael Emerged from the brecilian forest she came incontact with her long lost dalish clan.

Ariael was reunited with her parents Adrianna Lindiranae and Vael Lindiranae. Ariael found out that she had a younger sister Brecilia and Verrel brother that had been born after she had been captured. Her clan wanted to know how she had escaped and had not come sooner. Ariael informed them that she hadn't escaped but rather granted her freedom for her services rendered. Ariael revealed that she was a powerful mage and was now oath bound by spirit to pass on her knowledge to the clan about Falon'Din's rites. The Keeper and the first gladly accepted the knowledge of the burrial rites. Ariael held back the information of being an arcane warrior though could not be taught like the way it had been done with her. She instead told them about the tomb and all the scrolls and tomes that needed to be collected from it. Ariael was premitted to stay with the clan as long as she wished along with her prized mount. As Araiel spent time with her family she would learn more about her family Legacy of the Emerald Knights. The tales were something she cherished and had always wanted to learn more. For a time she stayed with her family but she wanted to go out and explore on her own once more. Ariael left her family but knew they would always welcome her back and told her their next destination where they would go to next before they left.

Since leaving her clan once more Ariael has traveled to more elven ruins and cities to explore and experience what had been denied to her for so long in twvinter. In recent events she was contacted by her master and asked to look into the matter of the recent assinations on the Imperium's behalf and find out and act as Justicar for the government.

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