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Dec 30 2017, 08:57 PM
Ok you lot.

I will be in scotland from tuesday to wednesday so i wont be here to see the new year in with ya'll so i am going to take the oppertunity to wish you all a healthy, peaceful and prosperous new Year. May 2018 be good to you and your loved ones and i will see you very late wednesday or thursday.

Happy new year people xxxx
Dec 24 2017, 07:42 AM
Hi gang,

Well my holiday starts at around 7pm tonight when i finish work. So whatever you are doing this christmas eve and tomorrow with family and loved ones have a fantastic time.

Thanks for saving this site with us, the oldies and the newbies. You guys have made it the best.

Have a great few days and see you in the chatbox or skype.


Jax and Jackie and fur babies xxxxxx
Dec 20 2017, 03:30 PM

A ship that is full of mystery and a bloodthirsty past. If such things about ships being possessed by otherworldly spirits were true, then it would fit The Kraken perfectly. One of the earliest members of the Brotherhood. The Galleon has had numerous captains, all of whom garnered great wealth from their pillaging across the seas and oceans of Thedas, but all of whom have suffered a fate that makes their wealth meaningless, but their legend sealed in blood and guts.

Legend states that the first captain of The Kraken was a Rivaini seer. Who traded along the lucrative waters between Rivain and Antiva. The Kraken had been a trading vessel until it was attacked by Tevene slave ships looking not only for a good haul in Human Cargo but a vessel that would allow them to expand their fleet. Captain Sophia Santiago fought off the Vints but at a great cost to her own life, her power depleted and suffering numerous wounds from the mage attacks aboard the slave ships, with the last of her strength she summoned a thick swirling fog that covered the Galleons escape and somewhere along the line she died.

Thus the legend of The Kraken was born. It is believed that once the ship finds a worthy Captain She simply appears and the fact that she is a large Galleon with a hold capable of holding more riches than any man can dream off seduces the Captain into a bond with the Ship that can alter his or her personality. Another Legend states that she is possessed by the First Captains vengeful spirit and the Kraken deals her revenge from the Fade in the most bloodthirsty manner. Another calls the Vessel a Demon Ship, a beast with a life of its own and a heart of its own that demands it be fed the blood and souls of merchants and other pirate vessels unworthy of the name.

Whatever the truth is, and it is hard to discern fact from fiction when it comes to This legendary ship, there is nothing more chilling to a Merchant a Slaver or a Raider vessel then the looming black beast that seems to come out of nowhere.

The first thing they see is the prow and the mighty wood carved head of a mythical sea beast, long believed to be extinct, they then hear the crew roaring their challenge to the ship they are facing and if the Prize doesn't get out of the way quick enough they are rammed before being boarded. Once it has what it wants the Ship disappears into a sea Fog brought up by one of the Krakens two Mages. The Kraken will always have a Water Weaver and a Wind Talker, making it a little unique in the organization of Pirate Vessels.

It is not just the appearance of the Vessel that can turn even a hardened Captains blood to ice, it is the noise. The WindTalker skillfully maneuvers the winds in such a way that it sounds like a great beast rising from the depth and the Water Weaver controls the waves to give the illusion of something rising from the depths.

The Captain can usually be found at the wheel, never taking on a Navigator until they find one worthy enough to steer the old Lady with care and attention through the treacherous waters. The Crew utterly loyal to their captain and their Quartermaster. The Kraken truly is a beast of a vessel and her mysterious reputation merely serves to make sea battles that more entertaining.

The Kraken is now in the hands of the Former Demons Run Navigator Erik Garcia and over the course of the last year has renewed the reputation of The Kraken.

Dramatis Persone (Cast of characters)

Captain Erik Garcia played by @Jax
Carpenter Raistlin played by @Jax
Master of arms
Medic (Non magical)
Medic (mage)
Cabin boy
Cabin girl
Chief Rigger

Completed Threads

Current Threads


Dec 20 2017, 02:29 PM
Ok so i have been out the fiction writing for far too damn long. So if peeps wanna see a fan fic with thier charries and mine lemme know, this is a thing for me to clear my head and keep my depression and anxiety levels managable. This time of year is stressful enough and i have enough stress on my shoulders dont want it carrying over in to the new year.

So if you dont mind me doing this let me know what characters you want and what setting, doesnt have to be be DA can be AU Like i said its just to keep my head clear anf get me back into something i used to do on a regular basis.
Dec 19 2017, 03:04 PM

So after seeing @Caraine strut through the cbox or streak.....this is for her Merry xmas Lovely
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