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Apr 14 2018, 08:58 AM
The Durands have always been the balwart between Orlais and Nevarra, First with Tiberius then his son Mathieu. Now Mathieu is gone and the running of Arlesans is in the hands of Mathieus Widow Felicity, and his two sisters Renee and Genevieve.

All three of whom also hold positions in other regions around Arlessans. So, Contrary to popular belief the House of Durand is going from strength to strength and its a fool who underestimates these three women.

Cast of Characters (Dramatis Persone)

Felicity LaRoche Durand @Jax
Renee Durand @Kai
Genevieve Durand @Flapjack
Wilhem Durand NPC @Jax

Current threads

Two Ships lie Anchored, Renee and Nicky, Spring 953 @Kai. @Jax
Making Connections, Renee, Evae, Felicity, 3rd Drakonis 953 @Kai, @Imogen, @Jax

Completed Threads
Apr 4 2018, 01:55 PM
Orlais has long been the cultural heart of Thedas, the seat of power of the Chantry, The seat of the Sunburst Throne and has long enjoyed prestige and power the likes of which not seen since the Tevinter Imperium.

But for all its fineray, Orlais is built on the bones of a stolen civilisation, history is always written by the victor, in this case the Orleasians re-wrote the history of the dales to suit themselves and consign the elves to history.

But trouble is afoot in Orlais, First Celene and now Just assassinated. There is no Emperor or Empress on the imperial throne and Orlais is in danger from within and without. Is the Empire about to fall?

Dramatis Personae (cast)
Renée Durand - Kai

House Le Guierry

Evae Le Guierry played by @Imogen

House Nouvrai

Fabian Nouvrai played by @Victor

House Tressel

Darci Tressel played by @Zyah

House Durand

Renee Durand played by @Kai
Genevieve Durand played by @Flapjack
Felicity Durand played by @Jax

House De Lydes

Michael De Lydes played by @Jax

Current Threads

Completed Threads
Mar 29 2018, 06:56 PM

Never in the history of Thedas and her seas has there ever been a more motley, murderous, plundering devils of the sea as the Brotherhood. Pirate Lords in thier own seas coming together on occasions to serve the will of the Seer.

Pay the tithe to the Seer, rule the waves of your area and when you all join forces you are a force to be reckoned with.

Welcome to the Brotherhood of the Leviathan and sow that fear.

The Vessels of the Brotherhood

Dramatis Personae (Cast)

Current Threads

Completed Threads
Feb 19 2018, 06:22 PM
Arianni Vahra

Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Class: Mage
Age: between 25 and 31

Arianni is a circle mage, raised within the circle. When Jainen fell she had escaped and run for her life. In theory this now makes her an apostate, however, she found her way to Vigil's Keep and begged to be made a Grey Warden.

If Arianni has any relationship with her parents it is upto the adopter, she was born in the Highever Alienage and remained there until her magic manifested at the age of 5. Any branch of magic is acceptable however if she goes down the path of blood mage, there would need to be a good reason for this, as the wardens at Vigil's Keep are wary of Blood Mages, given what happened to thier brethren at Soldier's Peak by Avernus and his mages. Arianni has been a warden for about six months so she is still junior.

Her personality, appearance and face claim upto the adopter.

Hirka Bevis

Gender: Male
Race: Dwarf
Class: Warrior
Age: between 30 and 35

Hirka was a stone dwarf, exiled from Kal Hirol for the murder of a nobles son. He could have been exiled to prevent his family from losing thier standings in the city, or he could have merely headed for the surface before anyone caught him, that would be upto the adopter.

What was clear was that on his way to the surface he was struck by a Genlock and although he killed it, some of its blood found its way though his own wounds. He was found by a passing Warden patrol and taken to Vigils Keep to be joined to the order. He has been Grey Warden for just over a year so was there when the Keep erupted in civil war.

Personality, appearance and face claim upto the adopter.

Canice Saya

Gender: Female
Race: Qunari (Tal Vashoth)
Class: Warrior (two handed)
Age: 25 - 35

Canice is a Tal Vashoth, deserting the Qun and leaving Seheron and headed for Rivain to live in a Tal Vashoth village when she was 21. It was during this time that whilst protecting some merchants that had come to trade with the local towns, they were attacked by blight wolves.

Canice was badly mauled by the beasts and was saved by a group of Rivani Wardens who took her and the other survivors to the keep. Only Canice survived the joining.

She is rare, a Qunari warden. The only one that is known at this time, that is not to say there are not others but she has not yet met any. She moved from Rivain to Nevarra and now is at Vigil's Keep, she has only been at the Keep for 6 months so she is a bit of a novelty. She wields a two handed Greatsword she calls Virmarth, and allows no other to wield her. Something to do with the sword being an extension of her and her alone.

Her personality, appearance and face claim is upto the player.

Sven Konig

Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Rogue
age: 21 - 25

Sven is a former assassin saved from the noose by the Grey Wardens in Redcliffe. Joined by the Wardens at Vigil's Keep he is mostly marked for scouting and spying (yes even the GW have spies) he could be a possible trainee for Malachi played by @Caraine. If this is the case then the adopter can consult with her for threads and stuff with Malachi and he has only been a warden for six months

His appearance, personality and face claim is upto the adopter as is the bulk of his history.
Feb 19 2018, 04:14 PM
Marcella Anaxas

Marcella is the daughter of a Nevarran Duke, she is very attractive and Maker does she know it. She expects everyone to fall in love with her and is vain to a fault. Ego? No one has an ego like hers. So when she is snubbed by the young Duke of Perendale, the adage "hell hath no fury" would Certainly apply to her.

She does not believe that any man would turn her down for marriage, especially in favour of a Whore, and a Tevene Whore at that! Oh the shame

Marcella is between 18 and 25 long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. She is spoilt by her doting father who sees her as a precious doll and gives her whatever she want. Marcella will be the nemesis of Marius Falkenrath, the man who dared to snub her. She will make his life an utter misery.

Her personality can be upto the Adopter but the only condition is that she is a powerful woman who has been scorned. It really is Hell hath no fury. She can be an only child or a sibling, but what is plain is she is ambitious and her reach is long. Face Claim is also upto the Adopter
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