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Atticus Foster


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Nov 13 2017, 05:24 PM
Player Name: Zak

Character Name: Atticus Foster
Date of Birth: 11th of Solace, 9:7 Dragon
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Mage

Height: 5’ 10”
Weight: 163 lbs
Build: Athletic, Slim
Short, ruffled black hair
Thin, sharp eyebrows
Piercing grey eyes
Thin lips

Personality and History:

In the past, Atticus was quiet, secretive, for the most part, deigning only to speak to others when it was of the utmost necessity. When he finally did speak to someone, he was friendly enough, with a tendency to be sarcastic. As he grew older, little had changed. Reserved and still secretive, yet capable of conversation, just far more selective in who he spoke with.

Growing up, he had a fascination for storybooks, tales of adventure and good conquering evil, “Adventures of the Black Fox” chief among his favorites. As a result, in him was instilled a sense of pride in fighting for a greater good. That combined with an age-born cynicism resulted in what would become his life’s calling: a Vigilante.

Wielding a large warhammer and a dagger or two, one would be understandably surprised when discovering Atticus is a Mage. The way Mages have been treated in the past, he relies on anonymity. He has little to no Circle training, training of any sort, but over time has learned to harness his power, and done so in tandem with his usual fighting style.

Atticus is a resident wanderer of Thedas, none knowing where he’d come from, and few daring to ask. He’s seen many corners of the continent in his life, there, but never dared stay too long in one place. Only twice has an exception been made for the rule.

First, toward the end of 9:31 Dragon, after the Fifth Blight’s end, he came to rest on the shores of the Free Marches, landing a job as a barkeep for the tavern in Kirkwall’s Lowtown, the Hanged Man. Lowtown being what it was, rife with bandits and so various a class of ne'er-do-well, he was hardly wanting for distraction.

Second, in 9:37 Dragon. After being too close for comfort to an exploding Chantry, Atticus boarded a ship west of Kirkwall, and sailed on, past Cumberland, along the Waking Sea, and came to a harbor in Val Royeaux. There, he stayed for three years, hiding in plain sight, letting the world go mad around him.

After those three years, whispers began circling, the world around him only growing madder. He grew restless and began to wander, yet again, wind and whim taking him back east ever so slowly to see annulled circles, revolutions of all sorts popping up, the assassination of the Empress, Enchanters, and so many more lives lost to the gears. When news reached him about the Gallows in Kirkwall being annulled, it was only then he realized just how much time had passed.

Ten years.


Just like that.

His wandering resumes, to this day, nary a stop on the journey lasting longer than a few days.
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