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Brodie Campbell Guthrie


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Jan 9 2018, 12:27 PM
Player Name: Jax

Character Name: Brodie Campbell Guthrie
Date of Birth: 17th Harvestmere 912
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Warrior


At 41 years of age Brodie Guthrie is still a handsome man, if not a little grey at the temples and a little lined under the eyes with age. He is a tall man of striking appearance, although he has a scar running from the right side of his forehead to the top of his right eye, given to him when he fought at Ostagar, he also has a vicious burn scar on his left arm when a Trebuchet misfired sending a flaming ball into him and other men of West Hills as well as the Darkspawn he was fighting.

Despite the nightmare that was Ostagar Brodie wears his battle scars well, he does not allow them or the nightmares that followed define him as a Bann and a Warrior. He is always immaculately turned out, his hair is always short and well groomed and his blue grey eyes shine with an intensity that few others in his position hold.

Personality and History:

Brodie Campbell Guthrie is a complicated man to work out, to those who do not really know him. To other Nobles he is the Bann of West Hills and a stern figure in the Landsmeet. To those who know him he is a stern but fair man loyal to his friends and deadly to his enemies whose only goal is the betterment of the people who live and work his lands.

The eldest son of Patrick and Evanna Guthrie, as the heir Brodie was always expected to hold a certain standard and he was taught that he had to own his mistakes and not blame anyone else for them. It is a value he still holds to this day.

When Brodie was 6, his mother died and he took over the care of his little brother, Innes. Brodie was already receiving lessons from the Bannorns best swordsman and he would help his brother along with his studies. the result of which forged a close bond between the two brothers and when the nobles recently rose up demanding the Arl of Amaranthine hand the land back to the rightful nobles. Brodie and the Bann of Dragons Peak as well as a couple of others threatened action, it did not stop his brother from stepping down but it shut the nobles up for a time. The Bannorns are all rich in some vital resource or trade and West Hills was no different. Although Brodie thought his brother was giving in at the time he has since come to accept that it was in fact for the best for him and he has said no more on it.

It also didn't help that thier father, for whatever reason was emotionally distant towards his sons, and at times quite abusive, resulting in Brodie protecting little brother from the main barrage of assaults. Forging a bond between the two boys and with thier friend Mhari while they grew up

When the King called for warriors to head to Ostagar to fight and defeat what was thought to be a mere incursion Brodie and his men and women soon realised, along with others that this was far more than a mere incursion. Brodie and his men fought with honour but, being badly wounded he was returned home. A few days later the full vent of Ostagar and the ensuing Blight was felt throughout the land. During the Civil war that followed Ostagar, Brodies father sided with Loghain. Although Brodie had warned his father that this could be a fatal mistake, his father, (and if Brodie was honest,himself) believed the best man to lead the Nation against the Darkspawn was the Hero of River Dane and Tyern of Gwaren himself and not some bastard son of Marric and a Grey Warden.

When it all came to a head Brodie agreed to become the Bann, to stop the Bannorn being removed from his family. Alistair was quite vengeful on those who had supported Loghain, and by replacing his father as Bann, it was seen as the best way for the Guthries to keep thier seat. Brodie was also lined up to be married to an Orleasan noblewoman by the name of Laure and yet in a rather strange turn of events, Laure fell in love with Patrick, not that it worried Brodie too much. He had been nursed back to health by his childhood sweetheart Mahri and over the course of his healing had fallen in love with her.

So, a year later Laure married Patrick and on summersday in 933 Brodie married Mhari and officially became the Bann of West Hill, whilst his father and Stepmother moved to Val Firmin. Changes were coming for the family as Mhari gave birth to Nathair in 933 and Innes moved to Denerim to join the city guard.

A year after Nathair was born Brodie and Mahri welcomed Ramsey into the world, and five years later thier daughter Bridget was born. Whilst Nathair is the eldest and the heir Brodie does not favour one son over the other. He expects his sons to stand on thier own two feet and to own thier mistakes, as much as his father did him. Although where thier safety is concerned he will move heaven and earth to protect them. That has not stopped Brodie and Ramsey being at loggerheads with each other.

Although Bridget is the apple of her father's eyes as little girls often are to thier fathers, Loghain had it right when he told his daughter that fathers will always see thier daughter in pigtails with scraped knees, thats pretty much how Brodie will always see Bridget However fate was deal the Guthries a cruel hand.

In 952 Ramsey and his father had a huge argument, resulting in Ramsey leaving home and being kidnapped by those that were enemies of his uncles. Not only did they kidnap Ramsey but they tainted him and left him to die. Thankfully he was found by his uncle but the only way to save Ramsey was to join him.

Brodie had a mild dislike of the Wardens, and with a few exceptions notably those who stood by his brothers side and have looked after his son. he really cannot stand the order any longer. What happened to his son proved that as a whole, the Grey Wardens are a menace who answer to no Lord, King, Queen or Emperor. Although the bond between Innes and Brodie remains strong as Brodie realises that he owes his son's life to his brother and there are not enough words to express that debt. Not that Innes would ever see it as such.

Brodie Guthrie is an honest man, honest to the point of being blunt. You had better have your facts straight when you come to him and not try to pull the wool over his eyes. A man with a firm belief in the Maker and the Bride, he is not a man to make a fool off. The Older Guthrie will protect everything he owns, those who live on what he owns and his family no matter the cost especially when it comes to his wife and children.
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