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Alias: Momo
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Age: 29
Job: Dragon Hunter
Relationship Status: Single
Location: Orlais
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Christian Veles


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Oct 3 2017, 10:27 AM
Player Name: Momo

Character Name: Christian Veles
Date of Birth: 12 Kingsway 9:24
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Warrior

Face Claim: Myles Kennedy
Height & Build :- 6'4, tall and muscular
Hair & Eyes :- dark brown, blue

Personality and History:
Christian is the youngest son of the Veles family of Perendale, Nevarra. Being from a very well-off family he never had to worry about anything growing up except for his own interests. Even after his mother died in 9:38 and his father went into a downward spiral of drinking and gambling, squandering away the family fortune in a matter of years, Christian was practically clueless to it all because his elder brother Caspian made sure to take care of everything. Therefore, never quite having to face reality or the consequences of his decisions, Chris is very irresponsible (especially financially), a trait that constantly drives his brother insane.

After the death of their father, Rutgar, in 9:40, Caspian settled the family debts but the brothers were left with nothing to their names. Luckily, however, Caspian was accepted to study at the University in Orlais and Christian was accepted for Chevalier training, so they left Perendale in 9:41. Having had various tutors in swordsmanship since he was a child, he fell into training easily, preferring to fight with heavy swords. But after four years, Christian grew bored with the discipline and routine and decided against becoming a Chevalier in 9:44. However, while he did quit, Christian still maintains some of the training regimens that he learned during this period of training, though maybe not to the vigorous extent that he should.

Instead, with his combat training, Christian acts as his brother’s bodyguard while out in the field studying dragons, something the man revels in considering the excitement and thrill he gets from dealing with the highly unpredictable nature of the creatures. While he has next to no interest in the scientific side of things that his brother does, Christian loves being outdoors in the field, helping his brother wherever his studies may take them.

In 9:52, after having an argument with his brother, Christian travels with a group of dragon hunters on a quest to kill a High Dragon. They have a successful run, but after the huntresses’ clan are killed by cultists, the group disbands. Christian reunites with Caspian soon after, the pair planning to continue as they were.

The complete foil to Caspian, Christian is a very loud and energetic man. When in public he is constantly making conversation with those around him and has no fear about possibly making a fool of himself. While he has good intentions, he has a bad habit of spending too much money, causing Caspian to put him on an allowance, as well as with accidentally breaking weapons and armor with his tendency to fool around and not take care of equipment properly. Sometimes it takes quite a while to get an idea through his thick head, and so he is slow and stubborn about changing his ways.

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