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Jan 17 2018, 09:43 AM
Name of Plot: The Company of the White Lady

Proposed Date of Plot: From founding in 9:47 to the present day!

Brief Summary of Plot: The adventures of the mercenary company!

Current Thread/s:
  • None

Cast of Characters (dramatis personae):
  • Aerith Louvell (Co-Commander, played by Momo)
  • Zhal (Co-Commander, NPC/Adoptable)
  • Nyssa Coulthurst (played by @Kat)
Adoptables coming soon! Player characters also welcome to join!

Plot Notes:
  • The Company of the White Lady was founded in Nevarra during the year 9:47 by Aerith Louvell and Zhal. For the past few years, their primary jobs have been the protection of merchant caravans.
Future Plot Ideas:
  • Expeditions to the Deep Roads? More dangerous treasure hunting?
Jan 3 2018, 10:31 AM
So these are both characters that have been played previously, but @Caraine and I both need them back! We miss the Guthries dearly and can promise all sorts of shenanigans for them! We have a better timeline for the family that we can provide! <3

Taken by Jax Brodie Campbell Guthrie
Born in 9:12 or 9:13, Brodie is the older brother of Innes Guthrie (played by @Caraine) and currently the Bann of West Hills. The brothers are very close, having taken care of one another after their mother died in 9:23.

In 9:30, Brodie fights at Ostagar. Previously he was seriously wounded, but this detail can be changed if desired. However, when he returned home, he was taken care of by their childhood friend Mhairi (npc'd by me!) and they eventually married in 9:32.

Before that, however, his father Patrick arranged a marriage between him and Laure, an Orlesian woman. However, this never happened because Patrick ends up marrying Laure himself!

Brodie and Mhairi have 3 children: 2 sons (Nathair and Ramsey) and 1 daughter (Bridget).

Personality, face claim, motivations, etc. are up to the adopter. Generally however, he should be a family man and concerned about the welfare of the bannorn.

Taken by Will Deanna Suthers
Age 18 or 19, Deanna is an honorary Guthrie because of her friendship with Ramsey (played by me!). She too is a Grey Warden, a mage healer that was recruited in early 9:52. Ever since Ramsey arrived in Vigil's Keep, he's been enamored with her, although he doesn't really realize it (they're just friends! ...for now).

She's a total sweetheart and has a crazy, witchy "grandmother" (npc'd by Caraine)in Amaranthine that runs a clinic, where she worked until she joined the Wardens.

Personality, face claim, motivations, etc. are up to the adopter.
Dec 22 2017, 03:34 PM
So you all may have noticed our new mini-profiles! Here is a little how-to on setting them up.

On the outside, they look like this:

This image is controlled by the profile picture you have set. To change this, go to My Controls > Edit Avatar Settings. The image is set to 200x300 in size; any smaller you will have white space around it!

If you hover over this image, you will see this:

Here you will see a gif, followed by a little biographical and player information, followed by a few links in the magenta boxes (W for want ad, A for application, S for shipper, and D for development/tracker).

To edit these, go to My Controls > Edit Profile Info. At the bottom of that page you will see the following fields:

Simply enter your desired information and you are all set! <3
Dec 22 2017, 11:39 AM
What's better than a big, ole Chasind family? How about a plot involving scary wraiths and weird magic in the Wilds? //

These are all members of the Mathuin (bear) clan that live in the northern/middle of the Wilds. For all of these adopts, name, age, general personality and background are up to the adopter! Lots of fun is promised!

The face claims are also optional, I'm just adding pictures! <3

Name: Up to Adopter
Age: 17-18
Class: Mage

This girl is the daughter of the shaman Ruaidh (played by Momo) and the falconer Terrwyn (played by @Kai ) and their second child (there will be an older brother played by @Zhavirah and a younger brother!). She is a mage and will be trained by her father as a shaman and a shifter; whether she is into this is up to you! Pictured face claim is Gaia Weiss.

Name: Up to Adopter
Age: 15-16
Class: Rogue or Warrior

Here is the younger brother of the family, the third child of Ruaidh and Terrwyn! He's the baby, although his father for sure isn't really the pampering type! Personality and details are open! // Pictured face claim is Alexander Ludwig.

Name: Up to Adopter
Age: 35-50
Class: Rogue or Warrior

One of the hunters of the clan. If desired, he could be the younger brother of Ruaidh, though it's not required (but it would be fun! // Pictured face claim is Travis Fimmel.

Name: Up to Adopter
Age: 25-35
Class: Rogue or Warrior

Another hunter of the clan! Probably a kick-butt fighter. Can be the warrior trainer of the clan if desired! Pictured face claim is Kathryn Winnick.

Name: Up to Adopter
Age: 20-25
Class: Rogue or Warrior

One of the younger men of the group. Possibly a friend of Achille or a crush of Ruaidh's daughter? Like everyone else, the options are limitless! Pictured face claim is George Blagden.
Nov 23 2017, 09:08 AM

A small part (or big part, depending on who you ask!) of Christmas is gift-giving, right? Well, since we all love each other, we’re going to do a Secret Santa on Revo!

Note: No money is required to be spent!

We’re all creative people here. Write a one-shot, draw a picture, create a signature or a gif set or a playlist for someone. It doesn’t matter what it is, just have fun and put a little love in it.

Here’s how it works: From November 24-December 1st, signups will happen. Comment below if you want to participate. Provide us with links to your favorite characters, or tell us some of your favorite pairings from Dragon Age or whatever you like!

At the end of the day on December 1st, Momo will make a drawing for the pairings and tell everyone via PM. Then, between December 23rd and January 1st, send your gifts!

  • 1. Celes
  • 2. Momo
  • 3. Zak
  • 4. MireliA
  • 5. Caraine
  • 6. Jax
  • 7. Luce
  • 8. Mickle
Please fill out the following form:

[b]Favorite OCs and Links:[/b]
[b]Favorite Dragon Age characters:[/b]
[b]Anything you don't like?:[/b]
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