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Marius Falkenrath


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Oct 3 2017, 09:17 PM
9th Harring 951
Azure Manor, Churneau, near the Orleasian Boarder
Marius, Joline
@jax, @Zyah

Always the perfect Gentleman, Marius had been seeing Joline for five months, taking her out for dinner, to the theatre and on river boat rides, however as pasionate as thier kisses had got, he always made sure she got back to her home before returning to his.

It didn't take an exhorbriant amount of time to travel between Perendale and Churneau, but then it wasn't exactly there Marius and his friends were going to. One of his friends, Ludwig Riechelm the third was going to be getting married to some noblegirl from Cumberland. So in true boyish style it was off to a place that he said had come highly reccomended.

Very expensive but hightly recommended. Every one of the four men were dressed in smart clothes and aside from Marius and Peter, the other two wore Panteloons.

"They are coming back in fashion Marius" Gustiv gushed "You really should get some"

"No" Marius replied "Never again, i prefer what i am wearing and where are we going."

Ludwig leant out the window of the carriage and pointed "There"

Marius rolled his eyes and had to wait before the carriage stopped before actually seeing what his friend was pointing at.

A rather large Manor house set in some of the most beautiful grounds that Marius had seen ouside of his own home, and thier home was beautiful. "Azure Manor" Marius muttered "Sounds exotic"

"Oh its much more than that my friend" Ludwig grinned and winked at the same time.

Both Marius and Peter knew that wink "Fine, if you tell Bette i will kill you" Marus warned "You know what she thinks of me coming to places its beautful"

Marius gasped at the inside of the house and his jaw was on the floor so much he didn't feel the Matre De take his coat and usher him towards the reception room telling him to wait and make himself comfortable.

"Marius if this mystery woman of yours were here you reckon she would approve?" Gustov whispered as he sat down.

"All i am doing is having a drink" Marius told his friends "and thats all i am doing"

"Must be serious" they laughed.

Maius ordered a drink for himself, a large rum and cast his gaze around the room. He was about to answer something Ludwig was sayng when everything else seemed to fade out of earshot. His gaze rested on her and and everything else paled into silence. Marius rose from his seat and moved to where he could see her and she...could see him.
Oct 3 2017, 06:46 PM
Player Name: Jax

Character Name: Marius Peter Falkenrath
Date of Birth: 20th Firsfall 929
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Warrior


5'11 slim toned althletic build., with Midnight Black hair and sapphire blue eyes. Has a Scar on his left cheek and a viscious scar down the right side of his back where a pirate nearly cleaved him in two.

Personality and History:

Most Nobles in Orlais, Ferelden, Tevinter and everywhere else look to secure thier power, girde thier hiers and think of thier lines future. Not Marius. A handsome young man with the wealth of one of Nevara's most wealthy families behind him Marius was more content to go adventuring than looking to take on his role when his father passes.

The third child of the Falkenraths and older twin, Marius had no interest in ruling anything, but in late Spring when his older sister Crescentia came to him, Esme and Bette to finally get thier insane father Albrech commited, he agreed to go along with it, knowing that his father was in no state mentally or otherwise to rule Pernedale, and as such the rule of the land has been shared amongst the four siblings.

Marius however had no real love for ruling, preferring his sisters to govern the land in their more suited styles, even when his mother died of illness and a broken heart from thier fathers incarceration, as soon as he was able he took to adventuring, preferring life outside the chians of nobility to being in a gilded cage and groomed to be something that he really did not feel that he was. Although his antics often cause despair for his older sister Esme who wants him to meet a young girl, settle down and have a family and secure the line, he does have a close relationship with his sisters though, beign the only boy he was rather spoilt by them, and has a close bond with his twin Bette.

Marius did prefer to go off fighting in mercanary bands or on ships or even in city guards, he is a warripr but one that follows his own rules, he has had more than his fair share of lovers. Although recently he has calmed down since meeting Joline by chance when she was a passenger on his merchant ship.

Despite all that though he is very protective of his twin sister, and more so after his twin was kidnapped and held for ransom. As a noble of a Nevarran house he was taught swordplay, in fact beacuse of his families obligations to King Markus and Nevarra it was a required part of his learning, and one that he took too with gusto.

He spent most of his youth trainig with a sword, developing his own style, but it was only when he went off to sate his adventure thirst that he managed to apply what he learnt with actual sword fighting. He also learnt some harsh lessons, that training with his fathers soldiers was not the same as fighting real people who were fighting for thier very lives.

Marius is now mostly at home working on the trade links between his lands and other parts of Thedas, although wether it is a certain Woman of his affections or protecting his Twin one cannot say.
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