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Oct 3 2017, 08:32 PM
Player Name: Jax

Character Name: Raistlin
Date of Birth: 6th August 922
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Warrior

Face Claim: Luke Arnold

6’4, broad shouldered, heavily muscled has a scar that almost took his right eye out running diagonally across it.His eyes are so blue that in a certain light they appear to be like ice blue. His hair is so black it almost looks like the darkest night.
He has intricate tattoos that are tribal in nature going up both sides of his body, the first one given to him when he turned 16, on his back is a scene of a graveyard with the dead rising from the graves, he had that done the week before he joined the Demons Run in 942

Personality and History:

The Eldest of seven children, Raistlin has always been responsible for the well being of his younger siblings although he is his mother's favourite son being the first born and the one that would continue his family's work. He has a dark sense of humour and does not suffer fools easily, quick to temper in a fight he does like to play with his victim though and when it comes to telling tales and drinking he can out drink even Erik.

Born in a small harbour town west of the storm coast, a town that was both lawless and a haven for pirates and raiders of all stripes Raistlin's father had been a childhood friend of both Barty and Whitford. Giving them safe harbour in his village when needed and when his own pirating days were over.. Since Raistlin was old enough to walk, his father had been teaching him to be a Carpenter but also a warrior. Wanting his eldest to follow in the footsteps that he had done with his own father.

Raistlin would wait for his father to return home from voyages and help his mother with looking after his younger siblings, not one of the family would be law abiding and all would eventually find their way in the world through larcenous or nefarious deeds. Raistlin's mother, Kitiara had herself been a pirate but left the ship when she fell pregnant with her first born. She actually runs the brothel that pirates and raiders found so endearing, but his mother always saved her own sexual appetites for his father. So no surprise that he had six other siblings in more or less rapid succession.

Not only did Alexander teach his son to be a carpenter, but he also taught all his children to look after themselves, Raist perhaps he was harder on, he had a plan for his boy and he did not want him to fall flat on his face and embarrass himself, or his father's own legacy. From the age of four until he was 18 his father taught him the skills of being a carpenter and taught him to use the war-hammer, which suited his son due to his height and stature. A weapon that had been favoured by himself. He also got other retired pirate and raider friends to teach his other children in various other weapons.

To test his sons competence he took him to the storm coast where the wrecks of various ships lay scattered along the harsh waters. What he didn’t tell his son, was that two of his oldest and greatest friends were watching. Telling Raistlin to make one of the wrecks sea worthy he went and sat with them.

It took Raistlin almost five months but as he approached his 20th birthday he actually managed to make one of the old ships seaworthy again. Using only what his father had told him to use, he would take the wreck out a little way, see what needed doing and then work on that. That night in 942, he went from being Carpenters apprentice to his father, to Carpenters apprentice on the Demons Run. Five years later he became her Carpenter when the old one was killed during a boarding action from a rival pirate crew.

Raist is usually the first line of defence on the ship, his height and build giving him a distinct advantage. When his father died just after his 26th birthday, he built the boat that would be used to carry his father's body to the sea, delivered by the Demons Run and set alight by Raist. After Barty's death, the Demons Run was left in the hands of his sister Nicky and Raist along with his lover Nyla joined the crew of the Heart
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