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Cornelius DeHavlin


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Nov 9 2017, 04:52 PM
8th Justinian 952
Val Dorma, Tevinter

@Celes @Zhavirah

Aurelia is being taken to reside with Nico for her own saftey.

Cornelius adjustrd his sleeves and his collar. Since their trek into the Deep Roads and the growing unease he had felt latley, with the scaling down of staff and other things, he had to think what was best for hs not his ward, his daughter.

Aurelia was the future of the cult now, whatever future that was and he had to make sure she was safe. Nicodemus was the best bet for that. Nico and his apprentice Marina, someone more nearer to Aurelia's age would keep her safe, becasue he was damn sure that Caius's actions had caused repercussions as well as finding that damn bitch spy in thier midst, it was only a matter of time before holy hell decended down on them.

"This, whatever this is going to be, is going to hit hard" he muttered to himself as he sipped his whisky.

He didn't know what it would be, he assumed it would be the Archons Tempalrs, even so if it meant the other cults could remain safe and secluded then it was only fair that Lusacan suffer, it was not his lords fault after all but the fault of piss poor leadership in later years.

He shook his head and looked out his window. This was going to smart really really bad.

Nov 8 2017, 07:47 PM
3rd Cloudreach 952
DeHavlin Minrathos Estate
Cornelius, Lionell
@Jax, @Zhavirah

its time Lionell knew the truth about his family and his brother....

Cornelius sat in the family study. One closed fist resting against his left cheek as he wrote out the accounts. He lit a cigar and went over the figures again, as he expected all was in order. Something however, was on his mind.

He had forged a bond with Lionell, one that he did not expect to share with anyone. Lionell was his kin, his brother and he deserved to know the truth. Just how he would handle that truth he didn't know. After all Cor had been raised within the Cults, the protective (hah) arm of Lusacan, Lionell had been raised within the ever loving bossum of the maker.

One raised with the filth of the heathans the other with the shining light of the Chantrys faith. He glanced up as his door opened and the Elf slave Niama brought some coffee into him.

"Master Lionell is on his way Master" She told him as she set the tray down "Will there be anything else My Lord?"

Cor shook his head and watched her leave.
Oct 17 2017, 06:05 PM
Date: 30th Solace 952
Location: Quarinus, Tevinter
Characters: Cornelius, Helia
Players: @jax, @Zyah
Notes: A romantic dinner planned at one of the restuarants Cornelius owns.
Preious Links: A Shade of Night

Cornelius stood in his lounge pacing the length of it. It was unusal to see him so, aggitated, normally he was sure of himself and rarely showed signs of impatience, tonight however he did. Dressed in a black suit and dark blue shirt he looked every inch the nobleman he was.

Helia had not yet arrived and he was begining to worry. He had sent a Raven to her adress with a note that asked for her to be at his estate. He dug his hands into his pocket and took out the box that was sitting n there. Opening it he stopped his pacing and gazed at the ring inside it

Things between himself and the dark haired beauty were good more than good as it went. She had no run from him when she learnt what he was, she seemed to calm his madness. Cor did not know if this was the right step or not, but he knew that he never wanted to be without her.

Her passion fueled his, but it was more than just the sex, the physical it was the interlectual as well. She always offered constructive criticsm in his work. Never had he ever been around anyone who treated him as anything other then a normal man, with a couple of exceptions maybe.

He poured himself a large whisky as he waited for her to arrive. He put the box in his pocket and calmed himself. He had the perfect table booked at a little restaurant. He didn't have many of them as he did not really consider himself interesed in that sort of thing, but this restaurant was private, out of the way and the perfect place for the evening he had planned.

Whats more he owned it and it would only be open for them and no one else. Tonight would be the Lords night. It bothered him that he had not seen Helia for a few weeks, what with one thing or another, it was what it was and he acepted that but by the great lord of the night and shadow, he missed her.

"Excuse me Lord" he turned as his mojodomo came in "Lady Helia's Carriage has just arrived. Shall i show her straight in here?"

"Yes and have the carriage brought round to the front. I wish to be off as soon as possible."

The relief washed over him. He was nervous enough as it was.
Oct 10 2017, 06:29 PM
Date: 6th Justinian 952 (evening)

Localtion: The Silk Palace, somehwhre in Minrathos.

Characters: Cornelius, Nicodemus

players: @jax @Zhavirah

Notes: The Last night is no more, thats what Cornelius is talking to Nicodemus about.

Cornelius sat in the senior house of his little whore house empire The Silk Palace, it had been his first ever house and it was the most successful of the five he now owned. Some of the cortesans in here used to work for the Garden, luckily they were not in it when it bunt to the ground killing thier friends and clients in one night. Cor took his offered drink and felt the heat of one of his favourites brush by. Any other time he might have taken her up on the offer, but not tonight and hadn't for a while.

Most of his free time had been spent in his homecity of Quarinus with a certain Shade, not that he knew she was a shade and unbeknownst to would all unravel sooner then he thought. Tonight however was not about pleasure or pain. It was buisness and he had left instructions to be told when Magister Eous had arrived and to be given every curtusy as an honoured guest such as he was due.

Cor didn't have many that he called friend in the Magisterium, Nico was one of them. Which surpised him greatly.

Tonight he would tell Nico that the Last Night was no more, or so they believed, and he would also warn him that Caius was more than likely out for blood. That was not a good thought, but, Nico deserved to be forewarned.

In the next few months there would need to be damage control and it was going to take a long while for the Cults to prepare. There was a storm coming. wether or not it was the right thing to do he did not care anymore.

For months since that meeting with Fabius he had been bringing the Last Night to Heel, but still, there were many more, so many more and he would continue this hunt in the New Year, for now though what was left of the Last Night was scattered. Still the other Cults would need to know about it and the first step was sharing a beer with Nicodemus so he could inform Raiani and the others. So lighting a cherot the tall dark haired pale skinned giant sat at the bar and let his people do thier work whilst he waited.
Oct 4 2017, 05:28 PM
Player Name: Jax

Character Name: Cornelius DeHavlin
Date of Birth: 16th Solce 912 Dragon
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Mage


6'2, Well Built with a defined athletic build. Purple eyes Black hair. For years he bore a mark around his upper face that was mistaken for a Birthmark but it was in reality the mark of the demon that had resided in his soul from the time his magic surfaced, it has since been removed by Rajiani.

Face Claim: Pete Steel


Not only was Cornelius expected to be the best of his line but he was expected to achieve everything that his parents and his grandfather had before him and then some. His Grandfather, Fernaro DeHavlin is a powerful Magister in the Senate and in general Tevene society adn when his grandsons magic manifested at the age of 8, he ensured he was sent to the best circle in all Minrathous where he would recieve the best teaching and the best preparations for him to take over from his grandmother

An Altus already marked him for greatness, but the birthmark on his face effectively meant that most of Tevine society shunned him. In truth his only friend was Calus, who befriended him and guided him through much of his formatiive years and groomed him on what was too be expected of him as an Altus. However it was more than that.

By the time Cornelius was 17 he had mastered the art of Necromancy, something he had always found fascinaating, being able to steal the souls of the dead to work for him. It was around this time that his only friend Calus introduced him to the Cult of Lusacan, a place where he could be accepted as he was. Cornelius was already a little psychotic and the more he learned about the old god of night, the more he came to believe that his mark was actually a mark of favour from the old god and this belief led to a fanatical devotion to the god.

Cornelius is all but insane but it is a measured insanity, on the outside he can function like any sane human but when he is killing he is a maniac with a fervant almost animal glint in his eyes. When he was 21 he fell for a fellow mage, and seemed to calm down, she did not seem that bothered by his mark and he thought maybe she would be right for the Cult, akthough he would never ever divulge anything about the Cult and how it worked, he did watch her. after spending a night with her he thought he may be able to calm his troubled soul, but the next day, after visiting the Magisterium and listening to his grandfather speak he saw her talking with some of her friends and as she saw him approiach she began to laugh.

She told her friends that whilst he could certainly perform to her expectations he was so ugly that she might need pills to forget his pawing at her. Cornelius went back to his circle. That night at the time he learnt was the gods strongest hour, he went into the house of his lover and made her watch as he tore aprat her family, her mother, her father and her sisters. He made her watch as one by one he murdered and butchered her friends taking thier eyes and hearts as trophys for his god.

He saved her till last and what he did to her still has the Circle campus's shuddering wth fear. He was taken to an asylum, under the orders of his grandfather, who wanted his hier to be cured of his malady, but Cornelius was never to be cured and it was his friend Calus, who by this time had become a Chantry Brother, who managed to have Cornelius released into his care.

Cornelius has become fanatical about religion, more than he was when he was at his circle, and believes he is an avatar of the Night Dragon, the instrament of his will and the guardian of everything dark. In 953 the Shades attacked him at his home in Quarinus and he was believed to have been killed.....they were wrong

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