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Brim Helmi


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Oct 20 2017, 07:48 PM
Date: 3rd Bloomingtide 953
Location: The Deep Roads somewhere.
Characters: Brim, Mari
Players: @jax, @Zyah
Notes: Its been Three Months since Brim last ecnountered his estranged wife.
links: Chance meeting and opening old wounds

Brim set his pack down and rolled his bedroll out. It would be another three months before he reached his home, at the other end of the Deep Roads but at least it meant he came here to rest when he wanted some alone time.

Returning to Orzamarr with the miners so they could report to his parents he had gone to the Shaperatte and spoke with the Lord Shaper. He didn't have to do it, but he thought the old man deserved to know his Granddaughter was, well was doing ok apparently and that he had given her the letters.

To be honest he was going to have them deleivered to Kal Shirok, but for some reason he never did. He didn't do it to punish the old man, he had never actually done anything to Brim, all he had done was ask Brim not to make his seperation final, at least for a year. well it was creeping up and once he had the shaperate in his home up and running he would finalise it all.

There was still work to be done, and as long as he returned to the capital twice a year he could live more or less where he wanted. Hiemdhall had moved to Thaig Baraast to set up Brims home, the people there asked him to be the ruler of the Thaig, he refused, instead he instigated a governership. Half with the Stone sense and half with the Cloudgazers. There was one elected Governor and they had three years to govern. After that they stepped down and let someone else take over, but Brim never went for it. He just couldn't.

He was not in the right frame of mind for such a thing and the sickening part, his mother inisted he remain hier to the house. Frankly he would have let his simpering cousin do it. He didn't want anythign to do with those imbeciles. All his mother could do was ask him when he was going to remarry, when he was going to male things final so she could find him a new wife. Brim didn't want a new wife.

He didn't want a new anything, so as soon as everything was setteled and he had stayed for a while, he came back. Out here and found himself in his secret place. he had found it on a map and on all accounts it was an ancient memorial to the Legion of the Dead, them and the Dwarfs who lost thier lives when the First Blight erupted. The dwarves fighting dwarves had been as Orzamarr began to close its gates and riots had broken out.

Taking an ale out he sat with his back againt the wall, raised his bottle to the honoured dead and drank deeply and sat, enjoying his own company and the company of the dead.
Oct 18 2017, 04:18 PM
Date: 27th Guardian 953
Location: somewhere between Ortan Thaig and the Dead Trenches.
Characters: Brim, Mari
Players: @jax, @Zyah
Notes: Its been 6 months since the exbiditon to the surface, and nearly 7 since Brim last saw Mari.
Links: NA

The figure made his way through the deep without it seemed a care in the world. He glanced left then right and stopping waved the others on, let them take up the slack, he was fed up of doing their work for them.

It wasn’t that Brim didn’t like going into the Deep, it was just that whenever he did go into the deep all manners of crazy found him. It wasn’t like he went looking for dwarves off their tits on whatever crap they had been eating or the twisted Genlocks who seemed to hunt Dwarfs for sport or a fate worse than sport.

The Miners followed his direction and fell in behind the other escort. Well that was the Grey Warden outposts sorted for a few months and more money in his family coffers. Brim really didn’t care about that. They could rake as much coin as they wanted he really couldn’t care less. He told them to look for the next outpost then they would rest, but he would go on ahead and set up a watch. After maybe an hour they came across a Legion outpost and Brim told them to rest up here.

He walked a little further to a watch post and saw a small group of Legionnaires, laughing and joking with one of their number. No not with another soldier but one of the Shapers,
For the first time in 7 months Brims heart lept into his mouth as he recognised the armour the shaper was wearing and all he could do was stare as Mari came into his line of sight. Too late now, he couldn’t just walk away.

Hopefully the Legion would carry on going and he wouldn’t have to talk to her...nope they were stopping they were already exchanging greetings in his direction. “How long are you staying here Cityman?” One soldier asked.

Brim held Bloodletter but kept her low “Overnight” He told them “If that's ok i have some miners needing rest”

“Fine by us” The soldier said again and Brim finally saw her.

“Hello Mari” he whispered, her name still invoking a mix of emotions and conflict, as it always did.
Oct 4 2017, 06:09 PM
Player Name: Jax

Character Name: Brim Helmi
Date of Birth: 9th Wintermarch 921
Gender: Male
Race: Dwarf


Brim is 5'2 with long dirty blonde plaitted har and short beard and dark blue eyes. He is very well built and handsome and used to have a generous nature, recent events in his life have hardened him a little and he is not such a push over.

Face Claim: Gerrard Butler


Born into the Noble Caste of Orzamarr, Brim is of the Dwarfen house Helmi, A warrior by nature it was enevitable that he would end up joining the Warrior Caste and has excelled himself several times over the years earning him respect amongst his peers and his fellow warriors so perhaps it was enevitable that one Rogue female would catch his eye and his heart.

A carouser and a warrior his favoured weapon is a giant two handed waraxe that he has an affinity with, so much so that he believes if he goes into battle and looses it then it will be a bad omen on the battle. He is superstious in that regard, his weapon is the extension of his fighting prowess and has named his axe Blood Letter, much to the amusment of those who do not know the way of the Warrior caste.

The grand daughter of the Lord Shaperette, Mari Baraast was the one woman that could possibly know him inside and out. They have known each other for many years and friendship turned into something else, more so that Brims parents have been in talks with The Shaperette and it is to be an arranged marriage where both families are in agreement.

Brim quite likes the idea and looks foward to the day he can make Mari his. Unlike some arranged marriages in Orzamarr, he is in love with the girl. Being of the High Nobles, Brim is considered many a catch for the noble houses of Orzamarr, and there will be those who will see this arranged marriage as a cunning step on House Helmi's part.

Brims cousin is Farin Vestri, and despite the fact that he is not considered noble by the dint that his mother was not a noble, Brim looks out for his cousin, after all he is family and sometimes that means more than any tag, although in some quaters they see it as he is taking pity on his uncles son, it is not that at all. Brim chooses to accept his couisn becasue his cousin is also his best friend.

That all came to a rather violent end when Brim discovered his wife and cousin in a compromising situation which had him almost killing Farin. Brim left the house and went to the Surface a few weeks later to discover a surface Thaig. Of an Exbidition of 12 only three came back and Brim has not been back up there since although he is laudered as finding it, he has not returned to it.

Brim had been gone from Orzamarr for six months and has only just recently returned to his city and hopes he can leave again soon as he does not like being around the Capital for too long.
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