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Felicity Durand


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Oct 8 2017, 03:07 PM
Character Name Felicity Durand
Date of birth: 12th Harvestmere 913
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Class: Rogue

Face Claim: Cote De Pablo


Felicity is an attractive woman with sun kissed skin and long dark brown hair, her eyes are an even darker shade of brown but in a certain light they look like they have amber flexe’s in them. She has a toned body from years of training and is possessed of a keen intelligence and a sharp eye that misses nothing.


Felicity's parents died when she was a ten and was sent to live with her Aunt Magdalene De Lioncourt, the wife of one of the Ambassadors of the Council of Heralds. In her younger days Magdalene had been a Bard, one with exceptional skill and having no children of her own, opted to train her niece, herself. From the time she was ten, Fels life was a constant of Noble education and education into the Bard way of life and, the Game.

Felicity proved to be a quick learner and one that emerged herself into the intricacies of the Game. As she grew older her aunt began the second stage of her nieces training that in itself would enforce and forge Fels reputation and her power base. With Fels skills becoming more and more apparent and up there with those who had trained for years, her aunt sent her to a school of Bards that was little known at the time, under the Tutelage of a man known only as The Rook, she was put through 2 years of intensive training and a sacred ritual that at the end of which saw her skills evolve.

At 21 Felicity La-Roche was married to Mathieu Durand, after capturing his heart at one of Orlais never ending social functions. What was seen as a political marriage soon became apparent that there was more to it. That the couple harboured strong feelings for each other, within a year of marriage Felicity gave birth to her son Wilhem, after a couple of miscarriages she gave birth to her son Tomas six years later. The birth of Tomas was so traumatic that it left Felicity unable to conceive and her marriage to Mathieu began to downslide.

It was around this time when Felicity was 25 that she came to the attention of the former Grand Cleric of Arlesans, Flavienne Valleau. Once she had tested the Young Bard she made her, her Left Hand, a role that Felicity continued to play up until the Grand Cleric's death in the middle of 952. She has since stayed on to be the New Grand Cleric Left hand.

Felicity has strong Orlesian blood in her veins. She knows how to play the Orlesian Game and has become quite adept at turning the Nobles games on themselves.Felicity is a formidable woman, She can walk into a room and immediately take it over, Fel does not suffer fools easily and has been known to send a shiver of fear through her fellow nobles, She bears a grudge if it has harmed her own people or her family. Privately she holds a disdain for many of the nobles in court and around it, seeing them as nothing more than cattle who will follow whatever the Emperor or Empress does, but only if it benefits them, hence she has few friends within the noble houses of Val Royeaux. Her reputation speaks for itself and she has no need to use for bragging rights or to better herself. When she is not with her Sisters-in-law, she can usually be found at the Left Hand of the Grand Cleric or upto other mischief.

Fel used to be the best friend of Eleanor but, the Game took its toll as it often does on the two women and thier rivalry became the talk of Orlais. Recently Felicities youngest son Tomas manifested as a Mage, and now resides in the circle of Ghislain, Felicity goes to see him when she can, being a Marquissa gives her some privileges. Although, like other family members, she has to wait for permission from the First Enchanter and Knight Commander before she can visit Tomas, so as not to disrupt his studies. Mathieu died of a lung disorder six months ago, leaving Fel as the Marquissa, a seat she shares through her own wishes with both her sister in laws. Wilhem is now 19 and everything Felicity does is to secure her sons future and also to ensure the power of the Durands, no matter what it takes.
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