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Age: 27
Job: Emerald Knight
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Location: Ostagar
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Rohanna Dia'dami


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Oct 10 2017, 08:42 PM
Player Name: Momo

Character Name: Rohanna Dia'dami
Date of Birth: 3 Cloudreach 9:26
Gender: Female
Race: Elf
Class: Rogue

Height and Build: 5'4", lithe, toned from scouting and hunting
Hair: Long, brunette
Eyes: Green

Personality and History:
The elder of Ruion's two daughters, Rohanna is a serious young woman who takes the traditions of the Dalish to heart. From a young age, she knew that she wanted to be a hunter of the clan and she had a bow in her hand as early as she was allowed. She doted on the stories of the clan's hahren, taking every bit of lore to heart, all while learning how to hunt from her father and the other members of the clan. When her mother died, the young girl only threw herself more into her ambitions as a coping method, so much so that her younger sister, Rinmara, had to remind her to eat and sleep! It was a good thing that her sister was so motherly, because in her own grief Rohanna was rather negligent of herself and her family, something which she regrets to this day and tries to make up for.

Nevertheless, she did become a hunter of the clan, going through her rite of passage and earning the vallaslin of Andruril just before her eighteenth birthday. It was her proudest moment, but she didn't stop there. She next began learning to act as a scout for the clan as well, training underneath the scoutmaster Yara for a time. Although the woman had a gruff demeanor, Rohanna learned much from her, including scouting and tracking skills which serve her greatly now.

Things continued to change for the Dia'dami clan as rumors of an Arlathan in southern Ferelden spread. Seeing this as an important event, their Keeper decided that they all should go. Travel to Ostagar began and, much to Rohanna's surprise, it would seem that this place would become a permanent home for them. It was never anything that she expected, for she would have told anyone that the Dalish would have been wanderers forever. However, she is happy that she was wrong, for a home for her people was one of their greatest wishes. While it's a very different experience for her, one that she sometimes feels she is still getting used to, Rohanna wouldn't trade it for the world.

Rohanna is so serious about wanting Ostagar to flourish that as soon as she heard about the Emerald Knights, she instantly rushed to join. With her hunting and scouting skills, she became a member of the Hawk clan, working as a member of the vanguard and sentry for Ostagar. Occasionally she even forgets to go home when she is in a particularly workaholic mood, falling back into her old habits once again, then appears after a few days exhausted and feeling guilty.

Despite her love of her family, Rohanna has a tendency to be a little hard on them, especially when it comes to her younger sister Rinmara. Occasionally she will chastise her for her free spirit, feeling that she needs to buckle down, but truthfully she needs to learn a bit from her sister's more relaxed nature. She respects her father greatly, but also has a bad tendency to ignore his words of fatherly wisdom only to find out she should've listened later. Rohanna struggles with separating herself from what she perceives as her duties, often finding it hard to step away or do what she wants.
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