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Oct 12 2017, 10:34 AM
Date: 16 Firstfall 9:52

Location: Perendale, Nevarra

Characters: Erzsebet Falkenrath, Runo Wolf, NPCs

Players: @Celes and Momo

Requirement: 1x1, invite only

Notes: Let the mayhem begin!

Although it was only the beginning of winter in Perendale, it was already getting cold. Cold enough that, as a hooded figure made his way through the crowded streets, no one cast a look his way. Which was good, because honestly, he was up to no good.

His name was Baron, or at least that was the name he went by. It was funny, he thought, because he was the furthest from ever having a title, but he liked it. It was a good name for a mercenary and it amused him.

Slipping through an alleyway, he retraced his steps until arriving back at a rooftop. It had the perfect view of a small, old chantry below, one which was currently being remodeled underneath the patronage of one young Falkenrath woman.

One which they were about to kidnap.

It was a dirty job, but a job was a job. Approaching the edge of the roof, Baron threw his hood off, flashing a mischievous smile at the comrade that was waiting.

"The one with the pretty auburn curls is the one we want," he announced, looking quite proud of himself. "She'll be leaving soon. The narrow streets in this part of town will make it easy to stop the carriage."
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