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 Family Ties, Parents of Deirdre, Chasind
 Posted: Dec 23 2017, 10:32 AM
played by brina
31 years old. student. currently single. from Germany.

Deirdre was born in 9:19 as part of the Chasind's Mathúin tribe. Like her parents, she's human. Her relationship with them is very close, even these days. And so I thought it'd be nice to have them around here too. There can never be enough Chasind, right?

Deirdre's father: 56, FC open to adopter

Deirdre's father taught her how to shoot with a bow when she could just stand on her own two feet. He also made the bow for her. I'd recommend him to be a rogue, maybe an artificer? I like to imagine they've always been close and share their love for hunting and bow shooting and scouting in the forest. I also think they still have a very good relationship, even if she doesn't act like a traditional woman.

Deirdre's mother: 55, FC open to adopter

I think Deirdre was always closer with her father, but also loves her Mom of course. I see her as wanting the best for her daughter, but wishing her to be more like herself. She'd rather like her to be at home, learn how to cook and marry and have children one day. She accepts that so far, that wasn't really on Deirdre's mind. She's a rather calm person, compared to her daughter and husband.

These are very rough descriptions, so all the rest is up to you. We can discuss them further, I'm always a pm away. XD

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