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 Restricted Roles
 Posted: Oct 2 2017, 06:41 PM
played by Momo
25 years old. Mastermind of Mischief Operations. currently Awesome. from Texas.

Restricted Roles

Below is our list of restricted roles, characters of some power and importance. As such, there are only a limited number of them available.

Now, this doesn't mean that they're super hard to get or you can't have them (unless they're taken, of course). Simply comment below if you want one of the open positions and you'll get a response from staff with the go ahead!

This list is subject to change at any time at staff discretion.

First Enchanters and Knight Commanders

Note: See Circles of Thedas before applying for one of these roles!
  • Denerim
  • Ghislain
  • Kinloch Hold
  • Kirkwall
  • Markham
  • Montsimmard
  • Nevarra City
  • Ostwick
  • White Spire

The Chantry

  • Left Hand of the Divine
  • Right Hand of the Divine
  • Grand Cleric of Ferelden
  • Grand Cleric of Kirkwall
  • Grand Cleric of Arlesans
  • Revered Mothers


  • Teyrn of Highever
  • Teyrn of Gwaren
  • Arl/Arlessa of Amaranthine
  • Arl/Arlessa of South Reach
  • Arl/Arlessa of Denerim
  • Arl/Arlesssa of Redcliffe
  • Bann of Dragon's Peak - Alessandra Caradas
  • Bann of Oswin
  • Bann of Rainsefere
  • Bann of the Storm Coast
  • Bann of West Hills - Brodie Guthrie


  • Marquis/Marquise of Arlesans
  • Marquis of Mont de Glace - Fabien Nouvrai
  • Duke of Lydes - Michael de Lydes
  • Duke of Ghislain
  • Dowager Duchess (Ghislain)


  • Duke of Cumberland
  • Duke of Hunter Fell
  • Duke and Duchess of Perendale - Marius and Erzsebet Falkenrath
  • Prelate of the Mortalitasi

Free Marches

  • Lord Chancellor of Tantervale
  • Prince of Starkhaven
  • Teryn of Ostwick
  • Viscount of Kirkwall


  • Magister of Qarinus - Cornelius DeHavlin
  • Magistra of Vyrantium - Rajani Vetulus
  • Magister of Gravenreuth - Hades Grimaldi
  • Magister of Val Dorma - Nicodemus Eous
  • Magister/Magistra of Carastes
  • Magister of Marnas Pell - Jonathen Lesarius
  • Magister/Magistra of Perivantium
  • Magister of Solas - Marcellus Harrendrus II


  • High Priest of Toth - Nicodemus Eous
  • High Priestess of Dumat - Rajiani Vetulus
  • High Priest/Priestess of Lusacan
  • High Priestess of Urthemiel
  • High Priest/Priestess of Zazikeil - Jonathen Lesarius
  • High Priest/Priestess of Andoral
  • High Priest/Priestess of Razikale

Grey Wardens

  • Warden Commander of Ferelden - Talia Cardin
  • Warden Commander of Orlais
  • Warden Commander of Nevarra


  • Merchant Princes (12)


  • The Seer - Nesini

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