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 Posted: Oct 3 2017, 02:15 PM
played by Momo
25 years old. Mastermind of Mischief Operations. currently Awesome. from Texas.


Pre-Dragon Age

  • 7600 Ancient - Founding of Arlavhen.
  • 4600 Ancient - First contact between elves and dwarves.
  • 3100 Ancient - Humans explore Thedas.
  • 1195 Ancient - Tevinter Imperium founded.
  • 395 Ancient - The First Blight begins..
  • 170 Ancient - The death of Andraste
  • 1:1 Divine - Chantry founded.
  • 1:5 Divine - Second Blight begins.
  • 3:10 Towers - The Third Blight begins.
  • 3:87 Towers - The Chantry Schism.
  • 5:12 Exalted - The Fourth Blight begins.

9:01 Dragon

  • The beginning of the Dragon Age, named for the high dragon seen over the Frostback Mountains in Ferelden.

9:30 Dragon

  • Events described in Dragon Age: Origins begin. The Fifth Blight begins in the Korcari Wilds around Ferelden with The Architect attempting to make a Disciple of Urthemiel.
  • The Warden is saved by Duncan, the Warden-Commander of Ferelden and becomes a Grey Warden.
  • The Warden, Alistair, Carver Hawke, and Aveline Vallen fight in the Battle of Ostagar against the Darkspawn.
  • Events described in Dragon Age II begin. Lothering is destroyed by the Darkspawn and the Hawke family flees into the Blightlands.

9:31 Dragon

  • Urthemiel is slain by the Warden in Ferelden at the Battle of Denerim and The Warden becomes the "Hero of Ferelden."
  • Alistair is crowned King. He immediately reaches out to all leaders of Ferelden and oversees the forming of a Circle in Denerim.
  • Bhelen Aeducan returns to take his place as King of Orzammar.
  • The Orzammar Chantry is established.
  • Events described in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening begin. The Architect awakens The Mother, who goes insane sending out The Children armies to conquer Ferelden.
  • The Mother is slain by the new Warden-Commander of Ferelden.
  • The dwarves of Orzammar are able to reclaim the city of Kal'Hirol.
  • Amgarrak Thaig is overrun by Harvesters. The Warden-Commander of Ferelden slays the first Harvester and destroys the Golem research.
  • Hawke helps fund an expedition to the Deep Roads with Bartrand Tethras and Varric Tethras and discovers an ancient, pre-First Blight Primeval Thaig and an ancient Lyrium Idol contained within.
  • The Warden-Commander of Ferelden hears rumors that Morrigan returned to the Korcari Wilds. With her Mabari, she goes looking for her.

9:32 Dragon

  • The Warden-Commander confronts Morrigan in the Dragonbone Wastes. Morrigan leaves through an Eluvian. The Warden-Commander follows her.

9:34 Dragon

  • Hawke defeats the Qunari in the First Battle of Kirkwall and is named "Champion of Kirkwall" by Kirkwall's Knight Commander Meredith Stannard.
  • After the death of the Kirkwall Viscount Marlowe Dumar in the First Battle of Kirkwall, Meredith takes control of Kirkwall and oppresses the Kirkwall Circle of Magi more violently than before.

9:37 Dragon

  • The Mage-Templar War is ignited.
  • An apostate mage, Anders, demolishes the Kirkwall Chantry. Hawke fights in the Second Battle of Kirkwall, killing both Kirkwall's First Enchanter Orsino and Knight-Commander Meredith.
  • Every Circle in Thedas rebels. The Chantry is in ruins. Many templars are caught off guard but some respond with brute force. Mages return in kind and soon civilians are caught in the crossfire as the fighting spreads throughout cities. Many people lose their lives.
  • Some Templars besiege Circles, forcing upon them the Right of Annulment. Some Templars sympathise and try to help the mages, some simply return to the Chantry and try to help the Divine promote peace throughout Thedas.
  • The Divine sends out the Seekers.
  • Empress Celene struggles to control her nobles who want to invade Ferelden once more.
  • Chaos erupts throughout Thedas. No clear factions are formed. All Circles are besieged.
  • Montsimmard surrenders quickly, for the following three years the Orlesian Circle is under arrest.
  • In Ansburg the templars and Chantry are obliterated as magi lash out in an organised attack. The words "Hand of Justice" are heard long into the night and seen scrawled all over the city as the government immediately accepts a dominant mage presence.
  • Fierce fighting brings Starkhaven to its knees. The templars are eventually defeated and then humiliated as the mages take advantage of in-fighting. The city becomes marked as Libertarian.
  • "The Miracle of the Healed Lands" happens in Ferelden.

9:38 Dragon

  • The Denerim Circle becomes part of the newly built University of Denerim.

9:40 Dragon

  • Every Circle has rebelled, factions on both sides manifest.
  • Hawke's former companion Varric Tethras is interrogated by Cassandra Pentaghast, member of the Seekers. Both the Warden-Commander and the Champion have mysteriously disappeared by this time.
  • All Circles apart from Montsimmard are still rebelling at this time and are all under siege by a militant Templar Order who unify after three years.
  • Empress Celene is assassinated.
  • All Templar's separated from the Chantry and have formed a unified military force against the rebel Circles.
  • The Mages split in factions. Some sought to return to Chantry rule, some sought to be called Libertarians. The Hand of Justice are identified and recognised by most authorities as extremist magi.

9:41 Dragon

  • The First Enchanter of the Denerim Circle is assassinated. Irving is forced to flee Kinloch Hold because he is threatened by the Libertarian movement.
  • Irving becomes the First Enchanter of the Denerim Circle and negotiates peace between the newly formed 'Shields of the Maker' with the help of King Alistair and the Revered Mother.
  • Under Irving, the Denerim Circle sways towards Aequitarian ideals and the University flourishes.
  • Kinloch Hold expels the Resolutionists who have taken the name The Hand of Justice. Kinloch hold is still under siege by Templars.
  • Dairsmuid falls to Libertarian control, in an effort headed by the Resolutionist mage known as Furia.

9:42 Dragon

  • Ostwick returns to Chantry rule, but is soon taken over by the Swords. Strangely, they do not enact the Right of Annulment.
  • Hossberg surrenders, it is Annulled.
  • Antiva surrenders peacefully.
  • Cumberland surrenders (as does the Grand Enchanter) peacefully.

9:44 Dragon

  • Nevarra City - the one place in Thedas that does not settle into the hands of either templars or magi. It is a constant concern for the Peacemakers.
  • Dairsmuid - Resolutionists are very vocal here and Templars are killed on sight during the War, becoming a rare sight in Rivain.

9:47 Dragon

  • The Weisshaupt Accord is created and signed.
  • After ten years of being under siege, Gallows is annulled. Kirkwall finally has peace, but at a price. The Swords slaughter the remaining mages, having entered the stronghold secretly. From this time on this Circle is under close control, worse than it was before and is populated by former apostates, its senior enchanters and First Enchanter former members of the Montsimmard Circle.
  • After ten long, miserable years the treaty is signed and a ceasefire between Templars and Mages begins. The treaty is written by The Divine, Orlesian Emperor, King Alistair, Knight Vigilant, and the Grand Enchanter. It is signed in Weisshaupt. The treaty is signed by every First Enchanter. The treaty recognises the Libertarians as Free Mages and the Templars are forced to cease their sieges of these Towers of Magi.
  • The treaty halts most of the violence begotten as a result of the war.
  • Kinloch Hold is the first Tower of Magi to be recognised as Libertarian and free.
  • The treaty is named the Weisshaupt Accord and the individuals involved in writing the agreement become known collectively as the Clear Day Council.

9:50 Dragon

  • This is where we have begun RPing.

9:51 Dragon

  • This is the second IC year we RPed at the forum.

9:52 Dragon

  • The Templars and Avvar set up camps along the borders between Ferelden and the Lowlands, aside from heightened tensions and a few skirmishes, all out war is averted.
  • The Wardens Revolt. - Senior Warden Catherine leads a revolt against Warden Commander Innes Guthrie and his loyal Wardens. This also ignites rebel factions within the Amaranthine Guard and Silver Order to rise up against the Arl and his Loyal Wardens. After pitched battles across Amaranthine and the Keep itself order is once more restored with the capture and incarceration of Catherine and the surviving Rebel leaders.
  • Catherine escapes into the Deep Roads closely followed by a group of Wardens and Silver Order where they encounter the Ghoul of Thorn, Thorn and Catherine Dies.
  • The Silver Order cleans house with the arrest and imprisonment of Amaranthines Guard Commander, the scandal is such that the Silver Orders Major resigns her post and leaves Amaranthine never to return.
  • Whilst on her way to Dragon's Peak, Alessandra Caradas is captured and taken prisoner by the Teyrn of Gwaren, she is brutally assaulted and rescued by the Wardens and Silver Order of Amaranthine.
  • The ensuing fallout from the chaos of the Revolt and its ripple effects leaves Warden Commander Innes Guthrie no choice but to resign as Warden Commander of Ferelden.
  • Discovery of a surface Thaig by House Helmi lends a wealth of knowledge to the Shaperate, unfortunately the dwarves are attacked by Varghasts and the only three survivors are Brim Helmi, the young Shaper sent with him and Heimdall.
  • In Gravenreuth Heir to the house of Grimaldi is assassinated during a business meeting, the assassin is sent by his father, Hades to let him take back control of his empire. After appropriate mourning period Delilah takes control of her late husband's business empire and gives birth to a son.
  • Hades marries his remaining daughter Euryale to his Gladiator Aries, freeing Aries to become Lanista. Whilst Aries runs the Ludus, Euryale deals with the buying and selling of Slaves and separates the Ludus from the main house. Buying out the other Ludus making it one of the biggest Ludus in Tevinter.
  • After months of scheming and with the help of the Thieves guild, the Teyrn of Gwaren is killed in his home, his assailants are never found but the rumors persist that it was the Thieves Guild and a Noble Ally.
  • Meanwhile, the Thieves Guild in Markham steal an important tome from the Ostwick Circle. How will the Templars retaliate?
  • Rising Cults. The dragon cults of Tevinter are compromised when it comes to the attention of the Archon who sends the shades to investigate the named members of the Cult of the Last Night.
  • In Orlais, Darci Tressel marries Valentin Pentaghast, Prince of Nevarra, in political marriage to keep the peace between the two nations.
  • In Dragon's Peak, power begins to shift towards the young heiress, for reasons not explained her mother is exiled to Antiva, and is not seen again.
  • In Perendale the Duchess of Perendale is kidnapped.
  • The Circle of Jainen is annulled after the Swords decide to end the threat of the Mages. Knight Sargeant Laren, Knight Connich, and Knight Lyrans managed to save some of the mages but Enchanter Medrod and others were never seen again. The Knight Commander was arrested and awaits trial for her actions along with several other Knights of the Swords at the White Spire in Orlais.

9:53 Dragon Age

  • Holy War: After a years investigation the Shades launch an all out attack on the cults of the Old Gods.
  • In Nevarra, an investigation headed by the Seekers and the Templars into insidious factions within the Grand Necropolis.
  • The Ashes of Andraste have appeared again, The Divine immediately sends the Seekers out to investigate. Led by the new Right hand and current Left Hand of the Divine.
  • The Old Gods Cultists start clearing house and the High Priestess of Dumat orders all vestiges of the Last Night be eradicated.
  • Dragons Peak starts securing its borders and deals are being made with the Thieves Guild of Gwaren.

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