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Nov 10 2017, 03:44 PM

TMM is a Dragon Age based, original character roleplaying group. We have activities on IRC channels, and the virtual tabletop .
We are currently focused on playing weekly campaign sessions run by chief GM WeeRLegion, on saturdays 4pm GMT. Anyone is free to join the campaign sessions, everyone is welcome!

The group has been in operation for some 5 years now, and most of the current players have been along for the whole ride, but not to worry, we're welcoming of new people, and happy to help anyone get started!

All of that out of the way, we hope to see you in RP soon!

PS: Yes, the same WeerLegion that allowed me to hijack his Reference Library for Revolutions.
Nov 1 2017, 06:59 AM
This is, for now, a quick and dirty hub so that @Flapjack, @Mama Brit and I have somewhere to plot and write history together.
Oct 28 2017, 01:56 PM
Reference Library
This is a list of videos and other historical reference materials for the information and amusement of our players. Whatever is stated here is not a rule, not a binding thing of any sort, this is just for those who wish to enrich their roleplays with more realism.

This library was originally created by Weerlegion for the TMM RP group.

If you have a resource that should be added to this list, post it below with a short summary of the tpoic. A few words are enough. A mod will review it, and add it to the library if it meets the criteria.

Criteria for inclusion:
  • Clear presentation: We can all make vague chatter about whatever historical topics. This library excludes any materials that are presented in a disorganized or conversational manner.
  • Illustrative: The videos & materials must be well informed, and should have their claims supported with references or showcases. Trusted sources that have shown their knowledge with previously accepted materials may have more leeway.
  • On point & concise: The material needs to be focused on the topic it means to present. Videos including long ramblings about a youtube poster's personal youtube matters will not be included, nor will videos that otherwise contain needless length.
  • Objective presentation: The topic must be presented in an relatively objective manner. Opinionated rants etc. are just entertainment, and belong elsewhere.
  • Useful & Relevant: The material must be applicable to RP use; focusing on actual historical events with times and dates is not ideal.
Weapons & Armors
Different weapons & armor, how they're used, and how they are made.
NOTE: As is repeatedly stated in many materials here, armor does not restrict movement, provided that it is expertly tailor made. Wearing an oversized or too small suit of armor on the other hand is a different matter. Knights and nobles of course will always have tailor made items, but common soldiers might suffer from the 'one-size-fits-all' quality.
Leather Armor - An overview of leather armor
Gambeson, aka. Padded Armor - The Truth about leather armor
Plate Armor - Jousting Armor (Stechzeug)
Plate armor: composition & dressup - How A Man Shall Be Armed: 15th century
Plate armor: mobility - Le combat en armure
Plate armor: Helmets 1 - Great-Helmets
Plate armor: Helmets 2 - Bascinet Helmets
Chainmail: 101 - Chainmail
Chainmail: 102 - Chainmail pt.2
Chainmail: 103 - Chainmail pt.3
Chainmail, composition & dressup, simple hauberk - How A Man Shall Be Armed: 11th century
Chainmail, composition & dressup, advanced - How A Man Shall Be Armed: 13th Century
Half-plate, composition & dressup - How A Man Shall Be Armed, 14th Century
Cloth Armor - Swords cutting through cloth
Shields: Basic types - Center grip vs. arm strap
Female Plate Armor - why it is a bad idea
Axes 1 - A few thoughts on battle axes
Daggers 1 - Three types of popular daggersThree types of popular daggers
Maces 1 - Maces!Maces!
Swords: Rapiers 1 - A misconception about the rapier
Swords: The Messer - The Messer
Swords: Specialized stabbing swords - Triangular cross section blades
Swords: Bearing large swords - How did people carry large swords?
Polearms 1 - Some disadvantages of polearms
Warhammers 1 - Warhammers - a few facts
Bows: The longbow 1 - Longbows
Bows: Different type of arrows - Arrows
Crossbows: Mechanisms - Crossbow mechanisms
Crossbows: Heavy & Light - Heavy Crossbows & Light Crossbow
Polearms - Various shorter pole weapons
Swords vs. Blunt weapons - Sword vs. percussion weapons in unarmored fight
Different types of swords - Sword Terminology

Fighting techniques
Real fighting is quick and dirty, and almost never seen on hollywood film. Showcases & information about real techniques belong here. Overlap in techniques is permissible as long as the presentation is good.
Fighting Multiple Opponents in theory - Fighting Multiple Opponents
Swordfighting theory 1 - Centre of percussion
Longsword technique 1 - Fencing with the Longsword
Longsword techniques 2 - Longsword Techniques: Zwerchau, absetzen, nachreissen
Longsword techniques 3 - Longsword techniques: Zornhau, oben abnehmen, duplieren, mutieren
Long Knife Technique 1 - Langes Messer
Quarterstaff Technique 1 - Joachim Meyer's Staff Techniques
Various sword techniques 1 - Asalta - RSG - 2010
Various sword techniques 2 - Zehart - Long sword etc.
Various weapon techniques 1 - Fencing with 5 different weapons
Sword & Single-grip round shield - Sword & Shield fighting
Bows: Speed archery 1 - Forgotten archery technique
General melee: modern Historical Medieval Battle (HMB) - Battle of the Nations 2013
Fighting people in armor 1 - How to kill a guy in armor

Medieval times and conditions
Testing coins & metals - Silversmiths & Touchstones
Torches: Indoors - Torches: Indoor use
Torches: Outdoor use - Torches: Outdoor use
Torches: Alternatives - Torches: Alternatives
Torches: Movie mistakes - Fire in the movies
Medieval landscapes 1 - What is wrong with this picture?

Medieval technology & Architecture

Medieval & Renaissance clothing

Film & game tropes, clichés, and deconstructing
Videos focusing on tearing down silly fantasy movie & game clichés, from impractical fighting styles to unusable weapons and anything else.
Attack Speed 1 - Attacking speed (Long vs. Short weapons etc.)
Strength vs. Swords & Bows - Sword & Bow use on film
Sword-to-sword pressing aka. Nope - Longsword close fighting (how movies get it wrong)
Terrible choreographed fighting - Great Movie Fighting Styles
The ultimate martial arts style - The ultimate unbeatable style
The 'ultimate' martial arts style - There is no ultimate style
The mythical 'one hit kill' - The myth of the one hit kill...
Spinning attacks - Spinning sword attack FAIL
Encumbrance & Over-armament - Problems with carrying too many weapons

Human ability
Sometimes it's hard to believe what people actually CAN do even just with hard work and training. Videos showcasing impressive human physical feats without any movie magic, effects, can be listed here. Note: Avoid redundancy! Once the point is made, further videos are not needed.
Free-climbing 1 - Monkey man

Misc Fun
This category will permit more entertainment focused but still informative videos.

The Conquest series
An entertaining documentary series on historical armaments. The style is exaggerated and showy, and there are a few bits of misinformation IIRC. For instance their test of chainmail usefulness is set up all wrong, and they are using oversized, unfitted chainmails, which make for much extra fatigue. But generally it is good information, and very clearly visualized.

Knights in Armor pt.1 - KiA pt.2 - KiA pt.3
Weird Weapons of the Middle Ages pt.1 - WWotMA pt.2 - WWotMA pt.3
Ninja Weapons pt.1 - Ninja Weapons pt.2 - Ninja Weapons pt.3
Knives & Daggers pt.1 - Knives & Daggers pt.2 - Knives & Daggers pt.3
Barbarian Weapons pt.1 - Barbarian Weapons pt.2 - Barbarian Weapons pt.3

Other materials
Weapons & Armors

How different weapons work, and how they are made.
Different parts of massive armor - Parts of a suit of armor

Fighting techniques
Real fighting is quick and dirty, and almost never seen on hollywood film. Showcases about real techniques belong here.

Medieval times and conditions

Medieval technology & Architecture

Medieval & Renaissance clothing

Film & game tropes, clichés, and deconstructing
Videos focusing on tearing down silly fantasy movie & game clichés, from impractical fighting styles to unuseable weapons and anything else.

Human ability
Sometimes it's hard to believe what people actually CAN do even just with hard work and training. Videos showcasing impressive human physical feats without any movie magic, effects, can be listed here. Note: Avoid redundancy!

Misc Fun
This category will permit more entertainment focused but still informative materials.

Trusted sources

A historical fencing instructor and an extremely well informed youtuber, posting on topics of medieval and renaissance weaponry and fighting. Style might be a little heavy/lecturing for less interested people.

Armor, weapons & youtube test videos - Think critical!

Many youtube videos make great claims about how useless medieval armor is against whatever weapon they are using; longbow, crossbow, hammer, axe, whatever. They also like to make great claims for the power of any weapon they fancy, and they often try to prove this with faulty tests performed with unrealistic test condition. This is all utter stupidity of course; if a piece of gear was useless, it would never have been used in combat in the first place... Leading to the obvious conclusion that they are either doing something wrong, or testing a terrible quality replica item.
1 Poor Quality Armor
The armor used might be cheaply made, it might even be simply much too thin to be historically accurate, or even made of the wrong material. Properly tempered plate of appropriate thickness can hold up to pretty much anything in a fight (ofc regular soldiers might be fitted with lower quality gear). You can spot poor quality plate by a few signs: A) Stainless steel shine. The material is too hard, and lacks the springy properties for absorbing impact. // The plate bends easily on impact, and is left widely deformed by the blow. This suggests that the metal is too soft; the tempering is too mild. Properly tempered steel should spring back to pretty much it's original shape with minimal deformation.
2 Fixed Mount
The armor is mounted on a pole or up against a wall. When you hit a person who is standing up in a real fight, the strike pushes them back, absorbing much of the energy, making for low penetration. Especially if you hit someone's armored arm, that arm is just going to get pushed away from the weapon. Contrast to when you hit an armor piece on a fixed mount, none of this happens, and therefore you get unrealistically high penetration. You MAY on a lucky strike get similar results in a fight, but generally those would be what is known in game terms as critical hits.
3 No padding
The armor is mounted on a hard mount with no padding underneath. This is inaccurate, armor was almost without exception worn with some degree of padded clothing underneath. This again absorbs impact, lessening penetration.
4 Blunt Swords
It's really kind of embarrassing to look at, but it's been known to happen... Some people do test cuts with blunt swords. Keep an eye on the edge of the test weapon. If you see a blunt reflection of light there, well you know what it is. This is very significant even when cutting shattering materials like ice; a sharp edge helps to focus the force of the blow.

A bullshit presentation
This youtube clip combines several critically inaccurate weapon tests with brief comments on what went wrong. Nothing said by the presenters in the video should be regarded as fact. This is here just to demonstrate that even budgeted and professional looking documentary productions often perpetuate dumbass myths and fail to stand up to closer scrutiny.
The WORST of Longsword vs. Katana
Here's the plate-piercing test from the above clip done with proper sharp swords and a real combat-quality metal plate. Note though that the test is still done with a plate armor fixed to a tree; comparable damage would likely not happen in combat.
Rectified: Swords vs. Plate armor

Different kinds of chainmail

Chainmail is one of the most commonly berated kinds of armor; it's often suggested that it lets thrusts right through etc. In this video it's quite aptly demonstrated that this more often than not depends on the specifics of the chainmail that is being used; larp-mail is not comparable to the real thing.
- Riveted vs. Butted chainmail
Oct 27 2017, 11:05 AM
Where I go to see which thread I have neglected now.

The Inquisition

Current Threads:Past Threads:
  • none
Adeney, Alexena
A thief, a nuisance, and not taking anything seriously, Lex steals not because she has to, but because she can.

Current Threads:Past Threads:
  • none
An Innis, Méabh
Huntress, ranger and Sky Guardian from Stonehold. A woman of few words and rough demeanor.

Current Threads:Past Threads:
  • none
An Mergil, Ferin
Young huntress from Frosthold.

Current Threads:
  • none
Past Threads:
  • none
de Tellier, Gaston
Orlesian dandy and duelist, constantly on the lookout for adventure and women. Mostly women. Close friend to the de Ghislain family.

Current Threads:
  • none
Past Threads:
  • none
di Contarini, Trinica
Noblewoman turned Pirate, with an unhealthy affection to knives and poisons.

Current Threads:Past Threads:
  • none
Durand, Renée
The youngest daugher of one of Orlais most powerful families, lawyer to the Guild of Bards, master of the Grand Game and equipped with a healthy dose of ambition.

Current Threads:
  • none
Past Threads:
  • none
The Seer of Leviathan

Current Threads:Past Threads:
  • none
Falconer of Mathuin tribe, wife of Ruaidh.

Current Threads:Past Threads:
  • none
Oct 24 2017, 09:48 AM
"The Inquisition is currently searching for talented individuals to fill it's ranks. Please inquire inside for further information."

The following roles are currently available in the Inquisition.
Edit: Please note, numbers show available slots, not taken. So 8/10 means 8 out of 10 slots are still available

Inquisitor: 3/10 - @Zyah, @jax, @Momo, @MireliA, @Kat, @Zhavirah

Spymaster: 1/1
Marshal: 0/1 - taken by @Mickle
Treasurer: 1/1
Chantry Liasion: 1/1
Diplomats: 2/3 - @Flapjack
Magical Advisor: 0/1 - taken by @Dread Pirate Mike

Further roles may be added. Affiliates and support staff are not given here, but are always welcome.

Adoptables will be made available on a later time.
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